Sunday, October 10, 2004

11 wedding Anniversary - celebration in Paris!

Yesterday my husband and I had a wonderful wedding anniversary where we did a few things we enjoy the most - walk and enjoy some great food in Paris and shop a little at the same time.
We set out from our apartment near Places des Ternes and we walked down rue Faubourg St. Honore - browsed several antique stores, then we decided we needed to stop for lunch. Breakfast had consisted of butter criossants and almond croissant from our favourite boulangerie - Fleurs d'Oranger on rue Lebon in the 17th. They make some of the best croissants and sacristans and walnut bread.....
We stopped at Olsen a Danish fish cafe on 6 rue du Commandant Riviere, 8e Tel: 0145614310 - where we had their taster platter as starters - it was delicious with some good Pouilly Fume and then we both ate warm smoked salmon, cabbage and boiled potato - must admit this may sound simple but was mouthwateringly delicous! The quality of all the fish - smoked or otherwise was superior to a lot of smoked salmon you find in Paris. You can take away some delicious slices of smoked fish from there.

We then strolled on to Dalloyou ( located at 101 Faubourg St. Honore in 8e tel. 01-42-99-90-00; Métro: St-Philippe du Roule - the very very very famous patisserie where we bought LOTS of pastries and chocolate (my other real favourite tea room especially for their macaroons is LaDuree Ladurée Royale, 16 rue Royale, 8e (tel. 01-42-60-21-79; Métro: Concorde or Madeleine (

Armed with sweets for a week we headed to Caron the famous perfume boutique. My favourite boutique in not the one on Avenue Montaigne but this one on Faubourg St. Honore. We tried a few of our favourite fragrances - then we went on to the Hermes flagship boutique on 24 Faubourg St. Honore - my favourite store for many things in Paris. After spending a great deal of time on choosing a silk scarf (I happen to collect them whenever I get the opportunity and wear them very often), we went onto Place de la Concorde from where we the Metro line 1 to Etoile and returned home.

It was not the best day weather wise but we sure had a super time and perhaps even gained a few pounds but hey don't we only live once and all that? ;D

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