Saturday, October 02, 2004

The reluctant parisienne

Paris is beautiful anytime of the year but I seem to enjoy it the best in Spring and Autumn.
The city starts heaving again and Parisians are back in droves from their annual vacations and life continues with their methods of madness - traffic noises are thousands of decibels louder than during the peaceful month of August. Also the hoards of tourists somhow get lost and I feel I am back in real Paris again.

My husband and I moved here a year ago after living here for two years in the late 1990s. We now "commute" as necessary between Paris and London. London is what I considered home till very recently when I fell in love with Paris again - Paris is kinder to the soul - I can only put it down to the beauty of the city - the love for living a great life, wonderful food, shops, easily walkable and I guess I felt frustrated by the things I was so used to in London. However - we go to London often enough to enjoy the theatre which I miss. We are too busy here to go to concerts/operas during the week so we try and cram as much as whatever we can during the weekends.

More as we go.......

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