Friday, February 25, 2005

Cloudscape near Cork, Ireland August 2004 - this sums up my mood today!

Well the weekend is here but there are miles to go and promises to keep.....

Today has been a rather strange day making decisions about what I need to get done before leaving for a couple of weeks. I enjoy travelling but the part I detest most is packing - my arch enemy and well let me admit that I am possibly the world's worst packer ever. After years and years of travelling I have learnt to take much fewer clothes, makeup, skincare items, shoes etc. I guess I am learning very slowly. I am posting another cloudscape above from a trip to Ireland last year...

Thursday, February 24, 2005

A birkin for a lifetime....

My sinful possession so till death do us apart....

I rarely use many of my handbags but the birkin is possibly the least used - and how I had craved till I got it. See my thoughts on life below - this is certainly something one can do without.

Another cloudscape photo...

Another freezing February day in Paris....

Today started out well but is now going towards manic.. I need to get too many things sorted before I head for my trip to India. Just a quick stop by to share a few thoughts......

Today's discoveries:

A wonderful informative blog written and maintained by Robin. Http://

It is such a fantastic source of information. Robin knows a lot and is so kind to share. She is also quite a computer savvy lady!

Also before I forget (last week's knowledge) - Annie keeps a really cool blog titled Blogdorf Goodman. It has fantastic photos.

Last but not the least that the French still adore real fur (fake stuff ain't good enough for them) and how I saw every second person wearing one when I went to my local Post Office on Avenue Niel and to Monoprix today.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Hello and here are several photos....

I have posted a melange of photos from many places - I have also gone a bit overboard with photos from our apartment - as I am a fan of dramatic cloudscapes - you cannot blame me.
Would love to hear your thoughts. We have 1000s of photos and it takes a while to sift.


Another stunning view!

Viaduct des Arts in Bastille...

sunlight on Seine

Paris - Seine....

A Beer Festival in Brussels - we watched...

Pierre Marcolini's old chocolate boutique - I adore the way they tied the building to indicate they they have moved- Brussels

Grand Place in Brussels


Bastille Day 2004

Well I will stop - here is another one!

Another cloudscape!

Yes I adore cloudscapes and I see some wonderful ones right from our windows...

Love this view - what a stunning colour contrast! All natural my friends!

Sunset from the apartment

Another view from one of the windows...

There is TEiffel from our apartment

Another view from our Paris apartment

View from my apartment

Tea gardens in Darjeeling

Buddha in Darjeeling

Another WAP (wannabe artistic photo)

I love these trees near my apartment

Yes I love the Eiffel Tower - we call it TEiffel


another one of those

One of my cards..

wannabe artistic photographer

Lie down to enjoy this stained glass beauty from Chartres Cathedral

Piazza Espagna on a Sunday - phew no crowds YET!


Gateway - Mumbai

Gorgeous Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur

Palazzo Vecchio and part of Uffizi in Florence

Piazza Novona in Rome

Rome 2005

desert views in Jaisalmer

Haveli in Jaisalmer

Arabian Sear at dusk

Aravalli Range from Monsoon Palace

Door in Mehrangarh Fort

Further photos..


Thoughts on a snowy day in Paris...........

The beauty of a fulfilled life in my opinion is what you can do with your life and how you can make it a rather meaningful existence. It is just my yardstick and in the past two years since a health scare I realised that to enjoy and blossom fully it is good to sacrifice comfort in order to achieve whatever I had thought or dreamt of becoming. This sounds scary and socialistic but it is not - it is a realisation that a lot of things we hold dear to us are really not essential. Also that summer we stayed in Antibes for two weeks. This friend who hosted us lives like a monk and is one of the nicest and perhaps happiest persons I know. That stuck with me. In order to live we do not NEED too much. The few essentials besides the most obvious are a few good friends, an enquiring mind, will to learn and explore what is there, humility, compassion, appreciation for nature and manmade forms of art. Here I ramble on....
I have made some good friends, I think I have a curious mind, I love to learn and explore about other cultures etc, have some humility (I hope!), have some compassion (no maybe too much - this did not serve me well in the legal world where it is quite essential to be ruthless), I do have a keen love for nature and arts...

Monday, February 21, 2005

Months of travelling in Europe and India....

Since November 2004, I have been on skates of some sort! We visited Florence for a week where we spent the most glorious days. In December, we flew to Mumbai, India and then travelled all over for three weeks. The highlights included seeing my family, visiting Rajasthan's historic cities, forts and the golden desert in Jaisalmer. We celebrated the New Year in Udaipur - the Lake City in the Udaivilas Palace. (
The Tsunami tragedy had made us want to keep it all low key though the setting was simply magnificent ! Though we were lucky to escape it - it changed us all in some way or the other. My brother's colleague was stuck in Port Blair in the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal, where he was working. It was a horrifying experience for him. We are all grateful that he is alive.

In January 2005, we went to Brussels for a long weekend (pics to follow). We also visited Chartres for a day trip. Chartres and Rouen are easy day trip cities from Paris. We were sad to see one of our favourite restaurant Le Buisson Ardent was closed. However, we did enjoy a super meal in La Vieille Maison - 5, rue Au Lait - 28000 Chartres - Tel : 02 37 34 10 67. It is essential to book.

Early February 2005 we did our annual pilgrimage to Rome. We manage to return each year and love the Eternal City so much that I can see many more visits there. Last week I was in London for a few days to catch up with some work and friends. It was lovely returning to some of my favourite shops like Harrods, Liberty, Fortnum and Masons, Ormonde Jayne ( and Marks & Spencers.

This past weekend we enjoyed Paris. We went antique shop browsing in the 14th arrondisement and ate in Le Zeyer a wonderful brasserie in Alesia. It is on 62 rue d'Alesia and the telephone number is 0145404388. I ate some oysters and then some delicious Paella. My husband tucked in celerie remoulade and then some roast chicken with fries and a generous helping of chocolate and pistachio icecream.

Next week I am off again to India for my art project. I will post pics from the above travels soon. Just need to get organised.

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