Friday, February 25, 2005

Cloudscape near Cork, Ireland August 2004 - this sums up my mood today!

Wait! I see some blue bits up there! All is not so glum, dearest N! Soon you'll be on the journey and the packing, however it happened, will be done. Have a great trip!
Hi there! This is quite a different blog, compared to the others I usually visit. I clicked into your blog because I live in London and was interested. So do you live in Paris or London? Sigh, Wish I could go to Paris someday, someday soon.
To L! Yes there are some very dark blues there dearest L!
Thank you so much for the wishes! xoxo, N

To Harrod's Girl (love your name)!! Thank you for reading this blog. We are based in Paris but still have a home in London. We do visit London fairly often thanks to the magnificent Eu(ripoff)star!
Hope you visit Paris soon and if you are into fragrances - please let me know if you are interested in a perfume tour ( :))
Oh dear, that is not a happy-mood picture, N! Hope you have a wonderful trip despite the packing :-)
Hello R!! I feel a lot better now. Hope all is well. About to dash off soon.
Take care. N
Hello R!! I feel a lot better now. Hope all is well. About to dash off soon.
Take care. N
What a dramatic mood. If it clears your skies any, I just linked to you on my blog. :)
Tania - I am not worthy of this kindness - how on earth do I do this if I want to add your blog from here. I am too busy and so crap at getting to know things - esp when it concerns reading instructions. :) Any help would be deeply appreciated.


useless blogger
N, good to see you back from your trip! I'm jealous both of your trip and of your home. You love Paris in the springtime, and I wonder whether springtime is actually a rumor they foist upon us in New York to keep us cheery and productive during what is obviously a five-month winter.

Adding links to a blog is very simple. I have added mine to the sidebar portion of my template. Here's the Blogger help page on the subject:
Well dear T!! I tried and screwed up - awful at these things.

Will rectify later.
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