Saturday, March 19, 2005

Fog in Paris...

It is one of those days when really dense fog makes staying in rather romantic and driving next to impossible. I cannot see the Teiffel today but I hope it will clear. Anyways, in my case it will be a busyish day. We are planning to visit a friend in the 6th and then eat somewhere locally. I want to browse some bookstores near Cluny (one of my favourite museums). It is a great area for bookstores (thanks to Sorbonne and other unversities there) if you can look past all the ahem... tourists.
Will upload some more photos of this week soon.
Have a great weekend!

A foggy day in Paris town, eh? It does sound romantic! Can't wait to see your photos! I posted yesterday about the drawing show at La Bourse and asked you to go see and report, but I can't seem to find the comment here. Samething happened with T's blog the other day. My comments are lost in space.
I am pleased to announce that the fog cleared and we had the most gorgeous day. Not too warm but fresh with stunning blue skies.

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