Saturday, March 19, 2005

The French love gorgeous baby things - there are so MANY baby stores within 10 mins from here....

I command you then to post some pictures of adorable French babies adorned in adorable French baby things. It would make us all so happy.
LOL! OK T - your wish is this blog's command - will take camera out for some action tomorrow!
Hi, Parislondres and fabulous ladies. Thanks to Atreau, I'm delighted to find this blog. I have always been in love with French children's clothes. Clayeux is one of my favorites for knits--I don't know how popular the brand is in Paris.
Welcome to this disorganized blog Sali! There are so many brand's for children's clothes here. As I do not have children - my experience is limited to gifts I buy to spoil my nephew and friends' children....

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