Thursday, March 24, 2005

Happy Holi - the joyful festival of colours....

Here is some information to explain the significance of this festival for us Hindus.

Showering lots of good wishes to all of you!!

This sounds like it would be great to sketch! All that color and impishness going on! Thank you for posting this---I found it fascinating!!
It used to be my favourite festival - most children adore playing with colour and getting wet and teasing others! As an adult I detest the wetness and yukkiness of it as I have become rather boring! However - the "best" part of the festival is drinking bhang - a really spiked drink. ;D
Bhang lassi is considered holy (that is why people are as cheerful and relaxed there!)
And good wishes to you as well N! Thanks for sharing those links, I took a quick glance but have to run & pack...will come back and read them more carefully next week!
Hello R! Have a great holiday!
See you next week. :)
What a beautiful holiday! I wish we also celebrated that here in the states!
hello darling S! It is a really colourful and fun festival! I have been trying to respond since yesterday but could not! :(
Also have been trying to comment on your wonderful blog - but no luck yet!
Have a super day.
What a fun holiday! Thank you for sharing this joyful festival with us, darling!
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Salut! I just got back from Paris myself and I like your blog!! I just graduated from The Sorbonne...Best of luck to you and have fun in Paris!
Shopping around I felt the need for another reward card and the wide selection I got here was overwhelming.
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