Tuesday, March 22, 2005

It is raining here in Paris but I am happy because I...

have Carolina on my mind..... no actually I have TWO Carolina Butter Crunch Toffee (White chocolate pecan covered - THE BEST) tins from a vary dear and caring friend - who is my usual supplier and who introduced these to me a year ago and thereafter I got terribly addicted. I am so appreciative that she sent me two large tins (should last at least two months) with other really thoughtful things for my birthday.

Other than that - Paris is still lively and people have brought out their summer clothes but this is the time of year when I really never know what to wear. It is not really warm nor is it freezing - ideal temperature to fall ill.

Take care friends and have a great week.

If you can make 2 tins of toffee last 2 months, you have lots of willpower N. A tin of toffee just might last me a week if I kept it hidden from my husband.
I must have strong willpower R - it is not available here - I have to depend on kindness of friends.

Well, happy birthdayish time!
Posting from sunny (but chilly) DC,where the toffee is vastly inferior, though the Lebanese restaurants are pretty damn good.
Glad you feel well-toffeed!
Beautiful N,

I think two tins of toffee would last about one week around me! I just adore toffee! Then again, I just adore just about anything sweet! :)
Well - I did almost finish the first tin dear S! These are very generous sized tins - check out Southern Season - they are just the best.

Hugs :)
Thanks Tania! Dear Laura (my friend who spoils me all the time - the chocolate bar Vosges with chilli and cinnamon - it is simply YUMMMMMMMY)
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