Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The most gorgeous day in Paris so far...

in 2005! The weather is lovely - good enough to sit out on the terraces and enjoy a glass of wine or coffee. I went to Louvre today to meet some friends and realised that it was about 20 degrees C!! It feels good to be here and I took a few photos which I will upload soonish. The trees are still bare but hey that does not mean that we cannot enjoy spring a bit earlier than usual. Anyways according BBC this spring will be shortlived and we will have slightly cooler (not colder) weather from this weekend. Oh dear this sounds like the weather report.

I also went perfume sniffing to Montale and tried the latest Rose Petals - a gorgeous blend of rose and slight amount of oud (to my nose), I got to try Oud Lime and re-tried Purple Rose - that is a stunning fruity rose. Then went to the hip and trendy Colette to try Viktor & Rolf's much talked about Flowerbomb - it smells like a mix of POTL and Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle.
Then met a friend for lunch and had a great time catching up with her three month old gorgeous daughter. After that browsed some shops and then met another friend for a cuppa tea. We went to try L'Artisan's new La Chasse Extreme. It smells like the regular La Chasse with a lot more tuberose.

For all my friends in colder climes - I hope you enjoy weather like this soon. For friends in warmer climes - just enjoy what you have. I love springtime in Paris.

Sounds like a great day! I NEED that new La Chasse. I probably need a few other things from Paris as well, LOL!
What a wonderful day! Even in my imagination, I don't think I could top that!
'mix of POTL and Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle'--is this a good thing or a bad thing, dear N?
Dear R, S and L,

R - I retried La Chasse Extreme - lasting power not that great. :(

S dear thank you. Hope you can visit Paris soon.

L dear - about Flowerbomb being a mix of POTL and Coco Mlle - well I personally think it is just OK :)
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