Thursday, March 17, 2005

Slightly cooler spring day!

It is a very busy day today so I am stuck inside. However I am glad it is sunny and still spring like. Hope you all have a super weekend. I have a busy one ahead.

I feel slightly better about! Thanks for your posts yesterday!

N, darling, the post function of Blogger blogs has been out of service more than in service, lately. I'm glad I switched to typepad. I've been trying to post a comment at Annie's site forEVER, but non, non, ca ne marche pas!
Glad you had a good day!
I've been having problems as well! As soon as I post a picture it won't let me edit it for the review! It's so frustrating! I hope it's only temporary!

Sounds like you had a beautiful day! :D
N, I have a homework assignment for you, speaking of homework, as I was ;D: Go to the drawing show at the Saln du Dessin held at la Bourse and then report backF! Pretty please? Read about it in this am's NYTimes.
Good morning N! You are right, commenting on blogger is a pain. Some days I can comment, some days I can't. On the other hand, the blogharbor site has been down completely quite a few days since I started.
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