Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Spring is here in Paris

Everything looks, feels and smells different today - the wind blowing though the windows is spring like and I get the spring buzz in my veins. I am a spring baby hence I just love this time of the year. Paris looks so good now. I will be taking a few shots to share soon. Guess I had to share this today because all I can hear is laughter from the street below, see children playing without heavy winter coats in the maternelle across the street and the sunshine feels a tad warmer.
Am feeling good!

Springtime (sort of) in Paris! Enjoy your day!
It felt so great today. As I was in 90 plus degrees F last week. This felt comfy.

I am so jealous of your weather. Chicago is still freezing and possibly going to snow. Great site btw, I'm considering studying abroad in Paris and so this a great site for research. The lovely pics motivates me to learn french too. . .
Thanks so much for stopping by Barneys girl (love the name btw)! I do not mean to make you envious but today the temperature reached a balmy 20 degrees C!! We could sit out in cafes etc. Hurry up and come to Paris - great city to live and enjoy life once you get past the strangeness of the French masses. ;)
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