Thursday, March 24, 2005

Women and Afganistan - some Photos from BBC...

Let us count our blessings and hope that they find equality in our lifetime...

Such a tragic situation still for women there. Heartbreaking.
I hope in my lifetime they are given the same freedoms that we enjoy!
I recently interviewed students for summer jobs in our labs here. One of the young women really earned my admiration. She was from Afghanistan. She had not been in school since she was 6 because of the Telaban. Her parents moved to Canada and she was put into school in grade 10 because she was 15 already. She managed to finish school, with excellent marks, and go on to the technical institute I was hiring from. She had learned english and completed all that learning in a matter of 5 years. What amazing commitment and drive she had. I find that many North American children take it for granted that they can go to school. A very unfortunate thing indeed.
These photographs are so haunting and melancholy, yet these women have a dignity and strength about them that is undeniable. Thank you for sharing this with us, darling!
Welcome dear Laura to this blog! Thank you for sharing your experience with this brave young woman. I have met a few Afgan men and they now live in the west and have married non-afganistanis. One was so opposed to the terrible taleban regime - that he escaped with his sister to India and then to London. Yes you are right that in the west - education is taken for granted.
Darling Robin - you are so correct in pointing out that the dignity and strength of these women are evident. I so hope that they will see equal opportunity very soon.
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