Thursday, April 07, 2005

I challenge you to wear eyeshadow the way Lacroix's models...

wear for summer 2005! A friend and I thought we saw none other than the fascinating colourful Christian Lacroix near Avenue Montaigne. I had to surf his amazing website. It is fun to explore and check their makeup and hairstyles....

I saw a fantastic exhibition on the arts of Brazilian Indians this afternoon at the Grand Palais with this dear friend and it was absolutely fascinating. This wonderfully curated exhibition will be on till 27 June 2005. Any visitors to Paris please try to see this and get tickets before (it is always best for these large exhibitions at the Grand Palais. I will revisit this soon (yes I like to see large exhibitions a couple of times if I can!)

April showers in Paris - makes the weather kind of cool and romantic (if you are not walking on the dog poo littered streets!).

Hope you are all having a good week!

N, those eyeshadow looks will not fly in my very small town in the middle of nowhere, Pennsylvania. But they were great fun to look at...thanks for sharing the link!
Hello R! I doubt that will be looked nicely here in Paris. I thought it was quite a fun site to go through.

I would love to do my eyes like that! It's a shame that I wear glasses because I believe they distract from having fabulous eyes!
I have two friends who wear glasses and do wear fantastic eye make up too (not as flamboyant as these Lacroix models). Sometimes when you wear glasses it is important to make the eyes more prominent with the right frame and makeup. I am sure you look stunning too Sand darling.

I love wild makeup. Thanks for the link!
OK deal T! When we meet up - you must do the turquoise blue eye makeup! ;D
I wanna wear eye makeup like that...pretty, pretty please, Neela?? LOL!

Yes please do darling R! ;D
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