Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I could not resist posting these from BBC...




PS I am not a royalist - just enjoy watching them!!

oh good. I'm not the only one fascinated by their antics.
Hello - it is good to see you here too. I have never ever been a royalist but like you enjoy seeing how silly and human they are too! ;)
I watched the whole slide show at BBC, thanks for posting the links! Wow, she is so determined to be dowdy, isn't she? Thereby making her considerably more "royal" than Diana.
Well R! The way I look at her style is that she really cannot be bothered. She probably prefers to wear conservative looking (rather dowdy) outfits with that terrible hairstyle if I may add.

She snagged the Prince and that is enough for her. :)
My, my! Charles and Mrs. Parker-Bowles have had so many snafus of late, that I bet Diana is looking down from heaven and laughing her you-know-what off! :):)
LOL! Yes snafus tells it all! They are saddled with a saturday wedding with many commoners. Poor them!
Hope all is well darling R!!

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