Friday, April 01, 2005

Spring is here and some news...

Miller et Bertaux have come out with their new perfume in the series of #1 and #2
it is called #3 (bless them for their imagination in this case) - all I know is that it is a very GREEN fragrance from the invite received today. Will check out to let you know when I do.

This past week has been incredibly busy for me workwise (new project and perfumepaths)which is why I have not been able to update this blog. Easter weekend was fabulous in Belgium and then this week has been good but a lot of work.
I had a perfumepaths tour with a great client from the US. Summer visitors are starting to book and I think it will be good fun.

Have a super weekend!

Yay, I can't wait to hear about MB #3, and whatever your latest project is N! Good luck with whatever it is, and I do wish I could come and take a perfumepaths tour with you. One of these days...
Hi R! I hope to find some time to get there. Marais is not my place to hangout in Paris though I do like it sometimes. Will keep you posted. :))
About Perfumepaths - oh it would be a delight to chalk a path for you.

Hey, you can't go to MB without me!!!!!!!!!
How can I go there without you darling L! I need to find an excuse to buy things and not wear (like the collier);D hope I will wear it this year.


So glad to hear that you had a productive week and staying out of trouble! :):) Hope to hear from you soon, but in the meantime, darling, have a great weekend. HUGS!!!
Darling Robin!

Did you not get emails with photos?
I sent you a couple -will resend.
Hope you have a great weekend too.

Of course I didn't!! LOL! I would love to see them and know that they are absolutely amazing. You have a very good 'eye' you know, missy! LOVE and HUGS!!!
At least MB are not as confused as the people that creat Cadolle. Their first fragrance is #9 I do believe.
Maybe they have learned creative naming from those wizards at Dior....Poison, Tendre, Hypnotic, blah, blah, blah. :-D
Hello dear Robin! Oh your work email system is the biggest brother and will not let any pix through. I will have to get them printed and sent to you by snail mail. ;))

Hello dear Laura! Yes you are right - MB belive in the traditional method of counting and I cannot wait to try this. I must admit that I did not swoon over the Nos 1 and 2!!

Hope all is well.
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