Monday, April 25, 2005

A way to my heart dear Santa (I know it is April)....

would be to get me 10000000000000s of packets of Harry and David (since 1934) Moose Munch Original Toffee Moose Munch with whole Cashews and Almonds.
I have finally found a real full fat snack to get challenge my will power which is près que zero!
This was introduced in a huge goodie package I received from a dear friend D from across the pond. I had to check out the site to make sure they exist and that I am not eating some blissful imaginary morsels as the box got emptier.....yes they do have a huge successful e-comerce set up. I am really the happiest person in the world now..... Try these at your peril - a real disclaimer if I lived in the US I would not try this as they are the most addictive snacks I have ever tasted in my three decades of living on this planet (ooops gave my age away!)

Hope you are all well and having a swell week. I am struggling to keep my head straight (jokes aside as I am in terribly excruciating pain but will get there - all babies do. ;)

I know the weakness when it comes to toffee! I've yet to try that one but I know I'd adore it!
Be very very careful - these are just too good and too addictive.
Oh nO\o!! My A Southern Season toffee has been dumped by some flash-in-the pan hottie toffee from Oregon!!
No way - the Southern Season YOU introduced me to are still my top ones for the best white choc covered pecan toffees. These are much lighter and are honestly really good to try. As I mentioned - these are really light in feel so you are tempted to eat away.
Feel better, darling! If you can hang in there, I can hang in there! :)
Thank you so much darling R! Mwah mwah mwah!
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