Tuesday, April 05, 2005

When work takes over your life...

The past weeks have been really intense and hectic to say the least. I cannot disclose much about my project here but it is quite a big one and it is taking most of my time - waking and those sleeping (nightmare) hours.

Now on to fun matters - spring appears to be here. However it is moody as a season like this can be. Here are some photos of my favourite subject matter - yep cloudscapes....

Have a great week!!

N, hope things calm down for you soon! The pictures, as always, are just wonderful.
Thanks so much R for your kind wishes and the compliment.

Hello N, hope you are able to relax a bit and enjoy the springtime. See you next month!

Hello Tara!! Great to see you here. Hope you are well. Yes things have been very busy here.
Let me know when you are here - must catch up over a coffee.

Will be in town 5/23-5/30, I hear there is a perfume expo at the Louvre 5/21-5/23, have you heard anything?

Hi Tara

Must ask - not read/seen anything as yet. Where did you hear about this. I go to Louvre every week. Will check.

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