Tuesday, May 10, 2005

BBC wonder pics...


Ummm...can you send me that purple-pink diamond ring for my birthday, Neela? You know how much I love all shades of purple! :):):)

I did think of you when I saw this. Gorgeous but def not for everyday wear!

Is your email system working sweetie?

LOL -- the diamond caught my eye too! I don't much care for white diamonds, but a pink-purple diamond is something else entirely. I would be happy with a much, much smaller one too :-)
Hello R! I love the colour - so pretty and like you I would be happy with half - oops no 1/4th the size.

Neela, our email system is working again...at least for now!

Hope you are enjoying your "evening in Paris"!

LOL! No because I am working away - have so much to share.

oops I think a one carat piece would do! 28 carats! Phew....
My twentieth wedding anniversary is next year. Where do I get that ring?
Excellent question! Next time I am in Aspreys I will remember to ask. :)
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