Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I am the worst blogger but I like it that way...

as some of you who know me (kinda) are aware of how busy I have been since the beginning of 2005. It has been quite a steep climb - work, travel, imagination, frustration, ill health, perfumes, good news like the birth of a new nephew, day trips outside Paris, friend's wedding, getting used to living in this merde filled city and many other things have kept me from being a regular blogger. I am nowhere near the summit of my life/my ambitions and i am huffing and puffing (I am in poor shape - lazy non exerciser who will def get a heart attack one of these days). Besides as you may know - I am pretty crap at writing because my name ain't Robin, Mireille, Laura or Tania. :)

However - I have to share that this week has been quite a mixed one in a good and not so good way but I have survived so far and plan to continue with my backbreaking projects.

These are some BBC images - thought you may find these interesting - as I cannot be bothered to be original today or ever...

Be well....

Oh, honey! Don't even feel obligated to "blog" every day. Life get's busy, so do you, and so do I.

But I do hope this week finds you fit as a fiddle and ready to take off in new directions. :):)

I love the mummy photos. We are going to see the King Tut exhibit when it comes to LA in June. I saw it back in the late 70's in DC. It left quite an impression on me, so I want my children to see it, too.

Be well! Hugs, rsj
Darling R! You are a very kind friend. Thank you for your good wishes. I hope that you also have a wonderful week ahead. About the mummy - like you I am fascinated by mummies. Hope your gorgeous children enjoy the exhibition. I have seen a few and enjoyed each one.

For heaven's sakes, N, I am sorry now that I asked why you hadn't blogged lately...I did not mean to pressure you to post! I just meant that I like reading your articles -- which obviously means that you are NOT the worst blogger!!! I know you are having a busy time, and I promise not to complain again.

The picture of the cherry blossoms was lovely, I really miss the cherry blossom festival in DC.
Hey, I get a kick out of your blog. Whenever it happens--- and however. Its unexpected rhythms are YOU. Its quirky charm is YOU. Were you expecting to be possessed by someone else's personality when you started writing this?
Chairman of the Committee to Keep N being N
I love *crap at writing*! But you are GREAT at perfume! And at LIVING!
Oh I was just writing in jest of course.

Hey Robin - no you did not out any pressure as I was going to do my weekly sign in for the dole oops blog anyways.

Respected Chairperson - LOL! Yes funny how you have figured out that I am quirky and all that.

Ms. M! Thank you for endorsing that I am good at living - that I like to believe.
I must write that I have been so fascinated by the mummy photos...

I cannot imagine you being bad at anything!

Feel better and hope your weak is smashing.
Be well,
Dear B! You are always very kind. Hope you are well and that you have a super week too.


I love everything you write! I am greatful for the times you do share your uberchic life and the pictures - oh those pictures! :)

The President of the N fan club of Texas!

Darling Sand - you are always so lovely to me. Love that word uberchic but believe you me - life here is really kinda regular and nothing terribly chic about it.

I hope you can fix your blog - it never allows me in these days.

India's military advertisements are so much cooler than our own.
Guess they (we) always want to be different - kinda the national hobby.

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