Friday, May 27, 2005

Perfume exhibition, Perfumepaths and Paris.....

Last week has been such good fun mixed with a lot of hard work. This has been more my perfume week and my other project has been sidelined quite a bit. On Monday I attended a really fun exhibition on Parfums et Aromes 2005 which was held in the Carrousel du Louvre.

This exhibition was a marvellous mix of fragrace houses like Lancome (who are relauching classics like Climat, Sagamore, Magie) in autumn 2005, MPG, L'Artisan, Thierry Mugler (so very popular in Paris too it seems), Cerruti, Molton Brown and several other companies launching new products.

There was a huge stand by Givaudan, presenting several gorgeous 18th century perfume bottles, from a collection of Leon Givaudan, as soon as you entered the hall. This exhibit drew a lot of interest as some of the bottles were absolutely stunning.

Then there were stalls like Frapin, the famous cognac makers, who also make perfume, room sprays and candles. Then there were various herbs, vanilla, spices and some chocolate stalls which were fascinating. The highlight for me were the ateliers where you could learn to identify fragrances and mingle with budding noses. We attended a couple of sessions which were really basic but great fun.

After buying lavender and herbes de provence, my friend J and I went for a nice cup of coffee.
We both really loved it there. J is not even a fragrance fanatic like I think I am!

Later last week, there were a couple of perfumepath tours. It was again very interesting meeting clients who are so ready to test fragrances and soak up the atmosphere. A lovely lady even found her holy grail and that was a rather emotional moment for all of us. I have decided on changing a few things on the perfume tours which will make the tours even more enjoyable.

The temperature soared by the end of the week to nearly mid-thirties centigrade so it was a quieter time to reflect on so many things I had experienced the past weeks. It was a great weekend where my husband and I enjoyed great food in a small restaurant and then browsed shops in Bastille and then in Marais. I did get to test the newest Miller et Bertaux (finally) - while I found it nice I did not feel the urge to procure a bottle.

Sunday was fête des mères here in France, and we went to eat in a Michelin recommended restau in the 19th near the Parc Buttes Chaumont. This restaurant was open only for the Mothers Day (usually closed on Sundays) celebration and doubled the price of the menu. It was packed! I cannot complain as the food and service were excellent. That is one area in Paris (along with 20th) we had never visited yet and were delighted to see the arrondisement with lovely little houses and the park is really pretty - landscaped with several levels - a change from our local Parc Monceau which is pretty and has gorgeous gates but is quite flat!

Hope you are all doing well and have a wonderful week.

PS: I would like to announce a correction that the Samarkand perfume I wrote about a while ago- Ormonde Jayne's new perfume for men is now launched as Isfahan pour homme.

The perfume exhibit sounds as though it was so much fun! Glad you've had some time to consolidate the gains you've made with your projects and also had time to recuperate a little!
N, The exhibit sounds so wonderful, wish I could be there! Will echo L: so glad you are having more time to relax. And you ventured into Marais, LOL!
Dear Laura - thanks for this. It really was lovely and I am glad I relaxed - last week was fun but very tiring. Hope you are well.

Dear Robin! It really was fascinating. It was a pleasure to the senses and made me so pleased that I could attend. About Marais (LOL!) well HAD to try M&B's #3
So interesting about the exhibition! Are there any of the Lancome reintroductions that you find interesting? Was there any mention of Lancome 2000 Et Une Rose? Thank you for sharing this!
Hi M! 2000 et une rose is currently available at the Lancome boutique already. I liked Sagamore but cannot remember the notes and as there were too many people at that booth the SA seemed a bit flustered. Guess they wanted to reintroduce these as a set or singles (if I am not mistaken).
It was good fun and informative!

The perfume exhibit sounds like a fantastic venture! I am sooooo jealous.

Thanks for posting, N. Hope all is well.

And thank you for stopping by at my blog.
Hello B! It was fun!
Hope all is well with you too.

Good time, it sounds like. (Yoda, I sound like.) Aw, I won't be able to visit Paris for years, but when I do, I am ringing you up, for sure.
Oh, it sounds wonderful, dear N! The exhibition must have been fascinating. I heard that some of the best perfumer's alcohol is made by cognac producers. Interesting, no?

Your perfumepath project sounds so exciting. My mom's friend heard about it from me and decided to book a tour the next time she visits Paris. It must have been so satisfying to help someone discover their special scent. Given your skills, I am not surprised.

As for reproductions, I remember my mom wearing Lancome Climat, which I loved. I do not recall the smell, but the general aura of elegance and chic.

All in all, so happy about your lovely weekend. Thank you for sharing, dearest!
LOL! Love Yoda as he saved Episode III he did! Pleased will I be to meet you eventually!

Darling Victoria! I am glad you like climat too. I wore this a few years ago and enjoyed it. It is chic. The exhibition was amazing fun. Thanks for your encouragement and wishes - it is truly special seeing people find their fragrance as it is a very special moment.

I was really interested to hear that Lancome were relaunching Sagamore. This cheered me up no end (which may be a bit sad???)as Sagamore was and is the only fragrence that I've ever felt actually suited me. I was gutted when it was discontinued and have never found a suitable replacement in the last 10+ years.

Thankyou so much for that nugget. I'm a happy bunny :-)
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I came across your blog whilst searching for an old bodyshop perfume called samarkand which was produced in the 80's and discontinued. I would love to find it. Your blog refers to a Samakand perfume but I could not find the actual reference . I will try to smell Isfahan and see if it is the one.
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