Thursday, May 26, 2005

Some new fragrances I tested in London last week...

included the newest and only Rosine for men in Liberty's (think it is called Rosine pour homme) - all I remember is that it is a very lovely spicy rose. I did make a note to re-test this in Paris. Will get the notes and post soon. Also tested all the Bond No. 9's in Harvey Nicks (London's sole purveyor of this highly acclaimed US brand (except Chinatown which will arrive soon). I cannot say I have loved any yet! Then I was pounced upon by some school leaving SAs and was introduced to Matthew Williamson's new fragrance with a rather unimaginative name Matthew Williamson perfume - got mainly vanilla, amber (supposed to have jasmine) - perhaps my nose was blocked by the time I was forced to try this and frankly was rather forgettable.
Ormonde Jayne's new spicy Isfahan is ready for sampling and will be launched tomorrow.

More soon.....

Have a great day/rest of this week!

I made the mistake of buying Chinatown unsniffed (since I love all the notes listed and , well, the bottle is pretty)----luckily Annie needed a bottle and bought it from me. Finally, no more buying unsniffed. Well, hardly ever. And no more being seduced by lists of great notes. Well, mostly never. I look forward to getting a samp of the new OJ. Linda said she'd send me one.
Thanks for all the info, N!
The few reviews of the Matthew Williamson I've seen so far have matched yours! It is a shame since everyone loved his Incense.

The Bond no. 9s are an acquired taste, I've decided. I like a few but don't love any of them yet.
Mmmmm. Spicy rose. My favorite. And of course we SCOFF at the "for men" thing. hmph. xoxoxoxo
Hi dear L! Sad to hear about your Chinatown experience. Well you know my thoughts about buying unsniffed.

Hello dear R! Yep Bonds must be acquired taste but frankly I do not have much patience unless they are classics - too many modern day perfumes out there.

Hello dear M! Congrats on your second career but I seriously hope you will write a witty novel soon.
Thank you for a great report! I have not found even a single Bond fragrance I liked, and like you, unless it is a classic, I simply do not bother. Perhaps, it is not the best course to take, however they are so many things I do like that it is a joy to discover lines that do not appeal to me (joy for my wallet, that is).

Very interested in Rosine Pour Homme! Sounds unusual.
Dear V - yes I am going more towards classics - went away seeking modern perfumes but there is a sense of comfort in classic perfumes in that they have withstood the test of time.

Hope you try the Rosine would love to know your thoughts.

Yummy: Spicy Rose! One in this category that I really like is TDC Rose Poivre. It is dark spicy, and unique.

Hope all is well N. Looking forward to more reviews.
Hello dear N!
Thanks for the lovely report!
I tried Chinatown but did not care for it. The new Rosine sounds very interesting-recently I love roses!!
Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie!
Hello dear B - you may enjoy the new Rosine. Cannot remember the TDC just now. Hope all is well too.


Hello dear S! Hope all is well.
This is rather nice but you may like the new Ormonde Jayne - it goes soft on the skin. Isfahan.
Have a super weekend!
A spicy rose, huh? That's great. One of my own personal pet peeves is that there is a dearth of good rose scents made specifically for men. It'll be interesting to read what the whole composition of that scent is.
Right! Finally got into your little blog, my darling!

I am so jealous that you had the opportunity to have a sniff-o-rama in London last week. And then, you have the nerve to live in Paris, where all of th wonderful fragrances are. One of these days of these days...I might just join you! :):)

Hi Katiedid! Yes it is a spicy rose though I still need to get the notes. The shop was closed last week when I went there.

Hello R! Great that you could post. I hope all is well and look forward to catching up more when you can.
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