Monday, May 09, 2005

Walk to Louvre, Palais Royal and Place Vendome for r/o

my new promise to keep fit by walking as much as i can. Met a friend for lunch in Louvre and then we walked to Palais Royal. It was a deceptively gorgeous day - blue skies with a few mousse like clouds and you step outside there is this artic wind blowing.
Perfect day for some perfume testing with my friend (she is a lovely woman with great taste but she cannot be classed as a fragrance addict). We went into Serge Lutens and tried some Rahat, Un Lys and Rose de Nuit. Then we said goodbye as my friend needed to return home to her daughter.

I walked to Place Vendome - today was such a great photo day - one day when I ought to have remembered to carry my camera. Zut! Next stop was Montale to test the latest perfume Intense Tiare - very nice and lasts for a while. It smells like Tiare oil I once tried at a friend's place. I tried this creation at 2:30 pm and it is still going strong. Then I crossed Place Vendome to the Patou boutique to test Joy parfum again. I think this is really lovely for summer - reminds me of my mom (she wears this and smells amazing). My mother smells fab in most perfumes - strange chemistry she has! Guess I miss my mother because there are days when I gravitate to her perfumes and find a sense of comfort wearing them.

Then I browsed briefly in WH Smith - the local bookstore where books cost 30% more than other places. I learnt years ago (when we lived here the last time around) not to buy there but master the art of browsing. Whenever I get to London town I buy my books there and if I am really lazy Amazon is a good book delivery service! ;D

Am now slogging away but wanted to share this small adventure

Hope you are all enjoying a great week.

the MOST lovely post! Rose de Nuit! Montale Intense Tiare! Joy! Paris! thank you!
Hello dear M! Hope you are well. Thank you for reading and for such kind words.

I found your blog by accident. It's great! I used to live in both London and Paris (will be back this summer) and am now home in the U.S. I'll be a regular reader.
What an enchanting, if chilly, day you had! A little slice of Paris is a great pick-me-up!
Hi Fred! Welcome to this mishmash blog - thank you for your kind words. Hope you are enjouing life back in the U.S.
It really is quite a tonic - guess it is the beauty of Paris. A perfect walking day for me - I cannot enjoy walking in the heat. Hope you are very well darling L!

What a great day, and I'm so glad you are getting some free time to shop & play with friends.
Can I join you next time, my love? Paris is an amazing city with endless possibilities. I love the way you spend your free time, and hope that it will be a tonic for a productive week!

Hello Robin (east coast)

Thanks so much - the weather was perfect for such a day and besides I was waiting for some work to be sent to me to check - so it was a good time for a break.

Guess one of life's little pleasures are seeing the blue skies, young trees, children playing etc. etc. Paris is honestly gorgeous on days like today.
Darling Robin - you have an email - sent to the more reliable one (moomail) ;D
Yes tonic indeed - I need more to survive through this week.
Please keep your fingers and toes crossed for me....
An absolutely beautiful day. Walking the streets of Paris is something we can all experience through you.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts.
Thanks so much Barbara. Hope you are well. I hope you have a wonderful time in the east coast and my very best to A!

Oh what I wouldn't do to trade places with you for just one day darling N! What a wonderful day! :)

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having recently finished 'the da vinci code' your blog popped out at me and i really enjoyed reading it. i would encourage you to post some pictures of your beautiful city, i fell in love with it from a simple book of fiction... a good friend of mine is a french major and hopes to return there someday to live again, maybe someday you will pass on the street and we will connect again :)
Thank you for all your very encouraging comments.

1. Darling S! It would be great to walk with you. Hope you are well and will catch up soon.


2. Anonymous - thanks very much for the info on blogladder.

3. StevieB welcome! Thanks for the encouraging comments - I have posted some photos but will post more pics soon. I tend to take lots of photos anyways. You may just get bored! ;)
Dear N! I just love this post--felt as if I were walking around Place Vendome with you. I am very curious about Intense Tiare, since there is nothing more evocative of something beautiful, faraway and enchanting than this scent. Hirondelle shared CSP Tiare (original) with me, and it is a beauty. Alas, it is discontinued and replaced by something very sweet. xoxo
Dear V - I saw this post of yours just now. Well I have never tried CSP Tiare on my skin so I am not sure how to compare. The Montale is incredibly high in concentration. One spritz is more than enough for the day so if anyone is heavy handed while spraying they will smell for weeks.

Would love to test CSP tiare one day too. xoxo
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