Sunday, June 05, 2005

Crazy Kung fu - new film out here from 8th....

Live film promotion in front of Opera Bastille - the really lively part of Paris!

PS You will NOT see me rushing to the theatres to see this one - unless I am bribed with a new Guerlain. ;D

You take some great photos, Neela! All of the ones you posted today are gorgeous.

I have been thinking about you this weekend. I hope everything is well. :):)

Big Hugs! rsj
Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts dear Robin! Will send a proper note soon.

Love your gadabout lens!
Hi N,

Such beautiful pictures! I hope you have some time to enjoy this summer!

Love those photos, all of them, though I'm responding to this one because it made me smile and chuckle inside. Your outdoor shots around Paris and London are simply beautifully taken. Thank you for sharing these with us, they're so neat to look at.
Thanks you so much Laura, Sand and Katie!

Great pictures, N!

A new Guerlain you say? Tell, tell.
Will be posting very soon with pics.

Hope all is well dear B!
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