Saturday, June 11, 2005

Guerlain - new bottle of Guerlinade

Hmmm...I think the original Guerlinade bottle is more spectacular, don't you? I like the bottle, as it is in keeping with those other "bee" shaped bottle, but the original Guerlinade bottle from 1998 was so unique.

Just my opinion, for what it's worth.
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I totally agree - this is to nice but not that special!
Chiming in with you, ladies! The old bottle set it apart as a unique collectible.
Agree with all, but, want it anyway!!!
I think the new bottles are also nice - guess it is the juice that matters. How I want Violette Madame! :(((
Wonderful photos, darling N! I wish they still made the original Guerlinade bottle. It was simply gorgeous.
True but I think you can get used to these bottles.

You are right, of course. The bee bottles are lovely, and I already own one of Apres L'Ondee EDT. I would not mind a bottle of Liu, but will have to see if they tinkered with the formula.

lots of kisses
Darling V - I do not remember the Liu I had in the past- so this smells similar from memory.
This Liu smells gorgeous esp layered with Quand vient d'Ete.
I like this bottle. Very pretty. Must go and smell the Guerlinade decant that jjff sent me!
Hi L! These bottles are really lovely.
Guerlinade is a lovely perfume and my other fav is Liu.

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