Saturday, June 11, 2005


As a Guerlain client for over two decades and in my mother's case many more, I felt a twinge of sadness when I heard that the boutique was going to be modernized/refurbished. I liked the warmth of the old boutique. Nevertheless, when I did get there on the 7th when the doors was open for all their clients, I was impressed by the space, the work, the beauty, the layout and some of the perfumes....
I truly enjoyed testing all the fragrances in style and style they still have.

The entrance to the exclusives on the first floor is rather beautiful as the wall of the staircase is covered with tiny gold tiles and when you reach the first floor before you set foot into the rooms, you stand for a moment or several in my case in the ribbon corridor. It is gorgeous and may not be something I would want my home to look like - but it looks perfect there. At the far end there are some older flacons.

You enter the main perfume room and you are struck by this huge gold chandelier in the centre and there is a circular stand where all the classics are displayed. You walk across the room towards the huge window where some beauties like Violette Madame, Mouchoir de Monsieur, Vega (not my spritz of perfume) and the new Plus que Jamais - Guerlain's take on the foody scent fashion...
Violette Madame is simply gorgeous and if I had a LOT of money to spare I would buy this. It is a sophisticated perfume with orange blossoms, violet and iris etc. I love it like I love Apres L'Ondee which is a favourite of mine.

Between the first and second rooms or the middle space which divides the huge room (whichever way you want to look at it), there are two stands. Nearest to the windows are the relaunched beauties and the other had changed three times with each visit - so I guess that will be a changing stand. The next rooms houses the three new exclusives near the wondow - Rose Barbare, Cuir Beluga and Angelique Noire. They are as un-guerlain and more like Frederic Malle's collection (like L'Instant) to my nose. More on these soon.

On the wall nearby are several huge beehive flacons in gold, silver etc just by the refilling station - huge pipes adds a touch of cool modernity to the picture. There you can buy and then refill all the classics.

Several other perfumes like Kadine, Ode etc will be available to sniff but not for sale.

Then you walk out to the gold corridor to step into the Guerlain Maison section where candles, room sprays, soaps and incense sticks will be sold shortly. You go all around to the Beauty and skincare space which is also well laid out and fun place to test and shop.

The photos below were taken to share my experiences with all of you. I will post more as I gather more information....


How absolutely fascinating!! I can't wait to see this in the fall! You're doing a great reporting job, N :D.
You will really enjoy the experience as it is fascinating.
A mix of classic with trendy can sometimes work rather well...
I join Laura in complimenting your reportage! And re the new Guerlains: "They are as un-Guerlain and more like Frederic Malle's collection..." Now, THAT's interesting ... do I remember accurately that the Malles do not uniformly impress you? If at all? And tell us more thoughts on Rose Barbare? And thank you so much for the glimpse into the New Guerlain.
Hi M! Yes you are right I am not terribly impressed with FMs (guess it is to do with the sales method more than just the perfumes but in my opinion they should be less pedantic) - they smell like some of Malles - while they are nice I just do not "get" them and get bored way too quickly - I am a goldfish but they make me a supersonic goldfish. Rose Barbare - is a very soft spicy rose (no details on ingredients) - I get a nice drydown. As you are a Ta'if fan if you can look past the un-Guerlain bit - I think this maybe one for you.

Dear N, thank you for that wonderful report! I felt like I was right there with you. The entire layout is fascinating and tres luxe! Like you, Violette Madame sounds like it would be my favorite (*sob* due to prohibitive price), as I absolutely love Apres L'Ondee. Tell me, what can you tell us about Angelique Noire? Again, so impressed with your report and lovely photos!
Dear Diane! Welcome to this non-blog sweetie! Thank you for your very kind words. Angelique Noire starts off bitter and then softens but somehow on my skin it was not brill. I guess my expectations from houses like Guerlain and Caron are so much higher than others. :D
Thank you so much, N! It sounds like Violette is the bomb and we must all start yet another letter-writing campaign!
Yes let us send nice emails to them!! Maybe they will listen.
Simply wonderful, dear N! I cannot thank you enough for posting these photos, which took right into the boutique. I almost feel dizzy with perfume vapours after looking at the photos. You are such a talented photographer.

A comment that Kadine, Ode, etc. are not going to be available for sale caught my eye. Do you mean that they are by special order only?

Sounds like you had a fun weekend. It is great reading about your adventures.
Dear V! I am in Belgium at the moment. You are too kind as always. Kadine, Ode will not be available for sale at all - one will be able to siff the perfumes but that is all.

Hope you are well.

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