Saturday, June 11, 2005

Not an entirely successful photo but here is the Maestro himself.

Anoushka his daughter is a gorgeous young woman who is so talented. Here is her website so you get a good look at her and see how similar Norah and she look. Norah is Ravi Shankar's daughter from a previous relationship.

She is gorgeous! I love her hair. And I do see a resemblance between her and Norah. She also reminds me a bit of a friend's younger sister. Sounds like it was an amazing evening.
She is beautiful...more beautiful and fit than Norah. Just gorgeous! What an exciting evening!

Dear Diane and Robin - it was a magnificent evening. I have seen them perform before but this is the theatre where Ravi Shankar performed for the first tome as a dancer in the 1930s with his brother's troupe the famous Uday Shankar - so very nostalgic and apt for him. He has performed several times in Paris since. The standing ovation after this concert was one of the longest ever I have witnessed and it was a full theatre.

Oh, sounds like so much fun! Ravi Shankar is simply amazing in concert, and so is Norah. I have never had a pleasure of seeing Anoushka perform. I do see a strong resemblance between her and Norah. Both are very beautiful and talented.

Darling V - Anoushka is such a talented performer too and very beautiful to match. We saw her in London during a solo performance and she was captivating. Ravi Shankar naturally commands a different cadre of respect. Catch them together if you can or on her own.

The resemblence is amazing as my sister and I look nothing alike! I just adore the name Anoushka!
I love the name Anoushka too. Is it Russian?
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