Sunday, June 05, 2005

Place des Vosges - a truly beautiful square any time of the year....

Place des Vosges - one of the oldest squares in Paris and one of the most beautiful in the world - on a gorgeous Saturday - end May 2005

Gorgeous photos, dearest! I love Place des Vosges, although I am so rarely in that part of Paris, when visiting. Read your post on new Guerlain fragrances. So, which captured your heart the most?
Hello dearest V! I tried four - the three new exclusives and Plus que Jamais. Well - I am so undecided because the exclusives did not last on me :(
I will have to re-test. Plus que Jamais is nice but it reminds me of a fragrance I cannot spot and that is killing me. None of these seem to be super original if I may add - whilst they are nice I am not sure I want to fork out that much mo. Oh Violet Madame which I loved on the strip - is 800 Euros - yes the snail bottle is fabulous but what I want is the juice is normal bottles. :(((
Cannot wait to try Vega and some of the re-launched editions.
Will write more on that tomorrow.
Hope you are well.

PS I forgot that I did not try the Plus que Jamais on my skin..
memory is like a HUGE sieve.

Wish I could write like Mr. Turin.
Oh, how interesting! Violettes de Madame (or is Voilette Madame, I keep seeing different versions) at 800 euros is just ludicrous. Is it a violet scent?

I prefer your impressions, because they always guide me to the fragrances I either love or dislike better than anyone else's opinions. I love your writing, and I would not compare it anyone else's. I would not want it to be any other way!

You are just the kindest friend V! I think you will love Violette(s) de Madame - it is soft violet and iris - simplistically described. The violet is not too sweet. I will write you a note when I test that tomorrow.

Can you do a favour for me whilst you are at the Guerlain boutique? Can you please ask in what size the extrat de parfum of Vol de Nuit is available (and what is the price on the smallest one). I have been trying to find out through their sales rep, however her answer is difficult to decipher. If you forget about it, no big deal.
Have a great evening!
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