Saturday, June 11, 2005

The three new exclusives from the left Angeliques Noire, Cuir Beluga and Rose Barbare...most un-Guerlain perfumes since L'Instant...
The bottles look like a much more gorgeous version of Serge Luten export range bottles with Frederic Malle like qualities. They are created by different noses. If I had to wear one it maybe cuir beluga but then again I am not very sure - it would have to be a gift. Likewise I could wear Rose Barbare if I received it as a gift...

Hint, hint. T, are you listening? ;D
Yes I have been praising Violet Madame but there has been no reaction. The 300 bottles have nearly sold out! My luck! ;D
300 bottles nearly sold out?

Somebody's got money to spend...but it's not me. :(
Darling Robin!

Yes guess there are many people have that kinda money and want to spend it. It is such a gorgeous fragrance. We need to write nice notes to Guerlain asking them to see Violette Madame in regular bottles.

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