Thursday, June 30, 2005

Three weeks of travelling and I am now glad to be home...

Many of you may know that I have been spent a week in Brussels and the last couple in London.
It was a fascinating experience being in Brussels and really absorbing some culture, sights and sounds there. I am a great fan of Horta's architectural style so I went walking with a couple of good friends to discover some gems he created including several private homes and an adorable nursery school. The other great thing about Brussels is the food and beer. You need to forget about wines and indulge in the fascinating array of beers. Over 300 varieties.
My favourite perfume boutique there is Senteurs D'Ailleurs where I spent some quality time sniffing and buying some perfumes. The sales staff there are absolutely charming.

London was magnificent including the opportunity to meet Mr. Roja Dove at his Haute Parfumerie where he held a reception for some clients. It was excellent and the sales staff are also rather charming there.

We enjoyed a spell of heatwave and also hit the fabulous summer sales there. I adore London because it is so vibrant.

Hope all of you are well.

Welcome back, N! Tell us more about the beers!! xoxoxo
Thanks so much M!! Hope you are well. More on beers soon!

So happy to have you back where you belong! Hope you took pix and will post them! We are going to be passing through Belgium on our way to Sweden and so wish we could stop so I could show D Bruges. Another time!
I think it would be worthwhile to stop there if you can even for a day. It is really beautiful in autumn months and rather peaceful.
Will try and post some pix soon.
Welcome home, N, you have been missed online!

I drank a lot of beer in Brussels back in the day. Wonderful city.
Thanks dear R! Hope you are well.

Welcome home Neela!
I am glad that you had a lovely time. London sounds like it was the highlight of the trip!

Thank you so much lovely Annie and gorgeous Robin!

Yes - London was fab as always but Brussels was beautiful too.

Hope you both have a magnificent 4th July celebrations..

Yay! Welcome home Neela, can't wait to see the pictures and hear more about what you bought.

I can't drink beer as I found out last summer. Two beers and I found myself drunk for the first time in my life!
OH how fun. I love beers like some folks love wines. Did you do a tasting?

Sounds like you had a blast on your trip. That's great :) Do share your photos with us when you have the time!
Welcome back, dear N! So glad to see that you're safe and sound annnnd that you had so much fun! I agree, I love London and am deeply struck by the latest tragedy.

Happy to see a post! The more I hear about London, the more I think I will probably love it when I visit (next year, I hope). And I love, love, love a good brew. Bring on the beer!
Katie, Diane and Tania - thanks so much for your comments.
Beer is the way forward. ;D
Glad to know that some of you like a good brew too.

Welcome back, dear N! I myself only returned today, and it is exciting to read about your travels. I really like Brussels, despite the negative things Eurosceptics tend to find about it. I have been there a couple of times and enjoyed my visits very much.
An update about my travels is to be sent soon! :)

Darling V! So glad to know that you are back. Hope you had a wonderful time with your lovely family.

Look forward to hearing all about it.

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