Friday, July 15, 2005

Bastille Day 2005 in Paris was celebrated in style to utter perfection.

As with most things French, the defile (parade and flypast) was done to rhythmic perfection.
Last year, my husband and I even went to the Champs Elysees to see this. However, the attacks in London last week, made us think it may be best to watch the flypast from our apartment as we do live close to the champs and watch the rest on telly. The whole programme was held on time and the uniforms had their innate French chic styles. It was all rather colourful, wonderful and patriotic stuff and I am not even French! The Brazilian head of state
was here hence we got to see the flypast at the end with the colours of the Brailian flag which was rather nice.

Late last evening, we saw the fireworks by the Eiffel tower from home and my oh my, this year's was utterly brilliant and better than most years. We think that the French were preparing to win the the Olympic bid and the Eiffel tower was made into a giant flame with fireworks. My camera decided not to cooperate so I do not have any photos of the evening show which is rather disappointing. They had fireworks coming out of the Eiffel tower and it was simply gorgeous. I am in total child-like awe at how these superb fireworks are designed. Does anyone know any fireworks designer? Must be a cool job to see your work go up in flames!! Poor joke I know!

Anyways - the heatwave has decided to stay till the beginning of next week so I am going to be suffering as I detest heat.

Have a great weekend!

Hi N - i checked in to see photos of this year's celebration - but your vivid description made me think how ridiculous it is that we try to capture for posterity something as ephemeral as fireworks :>)
Darling N,

I was worried so much that week, thinking that you might be in London, but then I thought that you should be back in Paris by then. At any rate, it is a good idea not to go this year. Your descriptions are wonderful as always!
Thank you so much for you very kind comments.

D: I will post a few taken during the flypast but Picasa is now annoying me.

V: Thanks so much - we are all safe and are our friends there. It was such a terrible tragedy.

Hello, my love!

I miss looking at your photos, but given your fantastic description of the festivities, they were not necessary. Don't you just love fireworks? I always have, always will.

Stay cool, N! I think the heat's gonna hang around for awhile.

Hugs and love!
Darling Robin! Hope you are well. The fireworks were simply spectacular! Never seen anything like this and you know how fond i am of the Eiffel Tower - so last night's visual treat will be etched in my memory forever.

I was so (naively) sure that Paris would be the choice. Guess I forgot about Bush and Co for a few blessed moments. Anyway,I bet the Eiffel Tower was stupendous.
Thanks for this post.
I thought Paris would win too but am delighted that it did not - what a burden to the entire city and tax payers. Let London with its more affluent economy do the honours!
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