Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Caption time for all you wonderful visitors - five photos taken by this blogger.....

Created by Manolo Valdes

Your caption is.....

Ooh, I saw photos of these sculptures at Palais Royal in an art magazine!Another thing that makes me LONG to be there with my pencil and paints and sketchbook! Too early in the am for me to think of a caption, but I'll be back ;D. Do you know how long these will be there, dear N?
Dear L! It was on till last week as far as I know - 20th July.
It will be travelling hopefully across the pond too. :)
" I get to live in Palais Royal for a few weeks because I am worth it"...........................

LOL - I am waiting for J (bela) to visit and slap me for pinching that dreadful L'Oreal line.
These are excellent photos! I love Palais Royal.

"Nice dress, ok coiffure, but where are my shoes? And you call yourself Manolo!" OK, being very silly here. Anything to prevent me from packing for my trip. :)
LOL! Great one darling V! Have a wonderful trip and will catch up next week.

'What's she hiding underneath that massive skirt?'

LOL! Good one! Hello darling Robin! Hope you are well.

I've got no clever caption ... but I do love the sculpture. Like the infanta in that famous-painting-with-the-painter-in-the-mirror-reflection. Oh, I hope you know what I'm trying to say ... and the series of them is astonishing! xoxo
Hello dear M! It was rather amazing.

Hope you are well.

Hello M - were you thinking of the famous "Las Meninas" by Diego Velazquez? DV was an amazing artist.
PS: In Las Meninas - however the reflection you see is not of DV but that of the King and Queen posing for a portrait. I must be thinking of another one.
No, no, it IS Velazquez's Las Meninas! xoxoxo
It is such a wonderful creation! Glad we thought of the same. I would love to visit Prado again some day soon.

I think I like this new layout a lot, darling!

Thanks darling Robin! Mwah!
I just wanted to compliment the new layout as well. I think it fits your blog quite well.
Oh wait, I forgot a caption!

"I am never going to fit through those gates in this dress."

Or, the obvious:
"Gawd, I'm always on the outside looking in."
Thanks so much K for your kind words! I was terribly lazy and decided that it needed a new layout.

LOL! Great captions - esp the first!

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