Friday, July 29, 2005

Do you like the new look?

I decided yesterday that I really disliked the layout of my blog. So I got into changing it. It is a bit too sober and does not reflect my somewhat colourful personality - but I guess I could live with this serious look for a while. I have yet to figure out how to add links without changing the font size to something that makes you feel you are looking through powerful binoculars. Please help if any of you wise people know.

How are things in Paris?

Paris is calm, Paris is quiet, Paris is bright and beautiful at the moment.
I do miss the buzz of people who live here - though I really cannot complain because it is simply fantastic to drive around at the moment and park with relative ease.
One downside is that you do find way too many tourists on the streets and the pace is naturally much slower.
Paris is warm, Paris is peaceful, Paris is Paris......

(Lovely M of who writes beautifully would sadly faint reading my rubbish...)

Have a lovely day!

Beautiful! More in keeping with your classical tastes. BTW - i hope you don't mind, i posted a link to your beautiful Guerlain interior pics in a comment on Perfume Notes - Luca Turin had one blurry photo, and i couldn't resist!
Hello darling D! Thank you for your very kind words.
Hope you are well.

PS: No I do not mind at all about posting my pics on Luca's - must post more photos of these perfume houses on this one soon. :))
I was so inspired by your change, I made one! And I very much like reading your thoughts ... on anything. *I actually like the word rubbish -- so British -- but it doesn't apply to your writing, N!*

You are always too kind M! Mwah
Off to see the change you made - it is already great!
Have a super weekend.

I don't think this look is you either! You need something more vibrant and cheeky. ;)

Your links look normal sized to me. Did you fix it?
Hello T! Hope you are well. See I am now saddled with this look till I find an orange blog. I love that colour.
BTW - no I sadly cannot do that link bit from mine to your blog etc. I hate reading manuals and this is no exception. HELP!!

Ah! Can you send me your blog template as a text file? I'll take a look at it and see if I can't put in a links section in your sidebar.
I agree with Tania--You + the City of Light does not = this design! Oomph, spark, light, movement, sapphire blue, champagne bubbles yes. Brown flocked paper, no.
Now don't throw Laduree macarons at me, d'accord?
Oh champagne bubbles yes! That would be a marvelous wallpaper for the side margins or the main body. I just like the long hand cursive looking font of this template, though. For some reason I always picture you sitting down to right these entries out with an old fashioned fountain pen. (Admittedly, I have an over active imagination.)
Thank you all you lovely ladies for all your comments.

Tania darling I need to send you an email. I am so pathetic when it comes to things like this. Thank you so much for your kind offer.

Thank you L and K for your thoughts - I am too busy at the moment but one of these I may get it right!!

hello my dear! many kisses!

Darling G - was just about to head out for the day. Hope you are well.

Hello sweet N! I like the cursive font, as it reminds me of that, you know, now obsolete activity called writing on stationery. How I miss that activity. I actually still do write letters like that with some willing partners of mine who reside in London, funnily enough. :)

Darling D! I wish I still had that skill to hand write letters.
So glad that you are keeping the tradition going. I blame computers for ruining those beautiful moments of writing on handmade or some wonderful Italian paper with a perfect writing instrument. My poor pens cry when they see me dusting them from time to time.

I like the new layout of this blog.

It does great justice to your beautiful photos.

Hope you are well, N!
Hello N!

When I think of you I think of light, color and panache. The brown seems rather drab in comparison to your personality and I think does not do you justice. However, this is a hobby therefore whatever is easiest is best!!

Welcome darling Felicia! Thank you for the invaluable comment. I will try and see how I can make it more "me"!

Hope you are very well.

Darling Barbara

Thank you so much for your comments. Hope you are well and that you are now back home.

I do like the new look. I like the vintage feel and the florid font you use for links. The brown pattern makes me think of turn of the century French drawing room, which strikes me as somewhat tongue in cheek. I am always in favour of change!

Love this blog no matter the template!
Thanks darling V for the comment. Yes I quite like this floral background which is not easy to see.

Thank you darling S! You are very very kind indedd. Hope you are well.

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