Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I guess Laura Ashley had to go....

If I remember right - the main Parisian boutique of Laura Ashley used to be on this corner of Rue Cambon and Faubourg St. Honore.

N, Hard to imagine that the Laura Ashley look would do well in Paris.

Brain still too dead to think of any captions! Will try again after another cup of tea.

Hope you are well :-)
Hello R! Apparently they fared quite well here till a few years ago. Some French women love floral pattern and adore Laura Ashley and Liberty prints. :))
I saw plenty of Liberty print in Paris a couple of summers ago.

Hope that your day is going well!
Hello dear V! Yes they are always in vogue here - florals go well here.

Yes indeedy, Laura Ashley has to go. Sorry, I'm not particularly a fan of her. I was severely traumatized by a friend's mom who took LA a bit too seriously, and plasted all surfaces in her home with LA floral patterns. Really. ALL the surfaces. It looked like madhouse. Terrifying place to visit.
LOL! K - btw I know a woman like that in France. She just worships anthing that comes out of Laura Ashley.

I enjoy some florals but the liberty prints and paisleys I find in India.

BTW - Laura Ashley now tries very hard to attract younger clients. I went in to look for a gift and I saw some rather hip jackets. :))
PS It was a LA store in London. Doubt if they have any left in Paris.
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