Thursday, July 14, 2005

strange font size on this blog - it has been taken over ...

by martians.....


Must be Martians with poor eyesight, N.
Help - how do I get this back to normal font. My eyesight is not great but this is taking it a bit far.

N, I am afraid I have no idea, I use a completely different system. Maybe contact someone else we know who posts on, like A on Blogdorf Goodman? or M on C'est Chic?
I kind of like it. I can now post my fresh comments! And anyway, I'm old: I need large print. :):)
Thanks both you lovely ladies. I kinda like it too - my eyes hurt so much using compy!

How peculiar. I'm having some hinkiness going on, too, now that blogger has added their photo uploading. Except in my case, the words simply disappear! Eeek. I wonder if your oddness with the large font is related to the same issues?
Hi Katiedid! I will have to spend some time to figure this out.
Thanks very much for letting me know.

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