Thursday, August 11, 2005

Alex - another favourite cartoon of mine...

Please click on the images to enlarge!

Alex is one of my (esp my DH's) favourites for several years - very English and very funny!

Have a super day....

obviously not funny to most! ;)
I was going to say, they must be quite British, as I don't "get" them, unfortunately. So funny, we speak the same words but not quite the same language across the ocean, if you can see what I'm getting at.
Totally K! I find this hilarious but it is so British!

I WANTED to find it funny, honestly I did! I'm just too American, I guess. xoxoxo
I thought they were very funny. I loved them! :-) I need to find some more...
Glad that you find it funny too K! I thought I was the only one who found this hilarious.

M dear - these are a bunch of bankers in the City - London's financial district.

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