Thursday, August 11, 2005

Fragrance feature this week..


I did get to Caron and Montale on Monday. Not an entirely successful shopping spree in Caron where I had planned on splurging - as it was packed with a few young and may I add spoilt sheikhs and their bodyguards. I waited for a few minuted browsing and heard the names of all the 100 bottles or so they were asking the SA to fill out from the urns - five of this and ten of that!! How I wish I could flirt in reality and get an entire range but maybe I am post-harem age as they recruit them young! Just kidding and I know this is a non-pc joke but I am not always pc as I find that I would cease to function out of fear!

They were buying up - ahem - too many to mention and I could have fainted but life has taught me not to show too much surprise when such amazing things happen. I look bemused and indifferent. That day's sale possibly made the SAs annual target and she was so flustered. The SA rushed to me and I know her fairly well - she gave me two pecks on my cheeks and whispered apologising profusely asking if I did not mind coming back later - pretty please. I said of course I would. I thought she looked pale and she was going to faint. The men looked in a great hurry and I was happy to head out to the door where the doorman was equally apologetic but I wanted freedom! As soon as I walked a little further along Faubourg St. Honore - I saw not one, not two but FIVE bentleys waiting for those spoilt brats. One of the sheikhs had left a couple of seconds before I did was there getting into the Bentley numero uno! Five for five guess that is life! They must love space. I was on my way to meet a friend - I was so tempted to turn and take a photo but did not - walked straight on! Yes dignified and laughing away......

Then I walked via Place Vendome to Montale. I wanted to pick up some samples for a dear friend. Well well - guess what? They have two new perfumes.....

1. Aoud Hoggar Mota - no clue about the real ingredients yet but I got some gorgeous Aoud, incense (maybe agarwood?) Rose,....The drydown is lovely and not harsh or heavy at all.
Sadly they did not have samples so I need to head back and test again!
Hoggar is a mountain range in Algeria.

2. Velvet Flowers - it is a rather different creation compared to most other Montales. This is a fruity floral perfume - I got some jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, lilac and melon....
I tried this avant premiere - available from next week I believe.

Tuesday - a 10 minute stop at Chanel on rue Cambon before heading for my blissful shiatsu massage - ran in very briefly to check if they have a bag a spoilt aunt wants. Yes - the quilted variety and I thought she had a dozen - why any more - think one of those would be enough! Secretly hoping she will gift it to me till I realized it is one of the chain ones which I am not terribly fond of. Now I am praying it is NOT for me. I took the opportunity to head to the perfume and cosmetic part and tried some Chanel 22 but sadly no parfum testers today - so EDT. Hmm it is OK but I have tried the parfum and I KNOW it is superior. The SA was a newish one and she bullshat excuse my French about how this is great blahblahblah.
I escaped to Marais for my absolutely brilliant shiatsu session.

A very dear friend C (what a friend eh?) gave me a gift to try shiatsu massage for total relaxation and I loved it. I think I will go back for 10.
I was in the Marais and then Hotel de Ville area (I did feel rejuvenated and all that). After the session feeling rather lightheaded, hungry yet wonderful, I wanted to gorge some icecream down my throat to quench my thunger (thirst-hunger)! Lo and behold I see a rather largish (by Parisian standards) store called Fruits and Passion (I wondered who on earth would want to name a store that!) situated at 15 rue de Rivoli. My antennas went up at a supersonic pace and I found myself inside the shop - icecream, hubbyscream (for buying all the things I do and not needing them) all forgotten! I had to explore this hybrid between Bodyshop, L'Occitane and Crabtree and Evelyn in one set up. They have all the things you find for skincare, bath and home perfumes. They also have a rather delicious range of Cucina products - foody home perfumes and candles and jellies, tapenades, vinegars.......
It is originally from Canada and the French seem to love these products or maybe these were tourists. I saw about 15 women and men browsing. Oh and they have a cute section for aromatherapy and kiddie stuff too. I left with a few gifts for some friends and a huge cannister of lavender spray for linen for chez moi. It is the only store in Paris at present till the left bank catches up a bit. Well they do sell in Bon Marche, Printemps etc. Oh they do have plenty in Canada - the motherland of Fruits and passion but not in the US of A according to the SA.
If you are in Paris and in the area and BHV is too claustrophobic for you. Head this way and enjoy browsing.


So that's all folks!!

Pic of Caron above taken by Parislondres sometime earlier this year!

Oh my goodness, N, you're hilarious! I loved reading about your adventures and those BRATS. I know exactly what you mean, too. When I taught university classes, there were these girls--in this case, Taiwanese rich girls--who who dripped in designer $500 this and logo-ed out $500 that. I mean, I like beautiful things, too, but come on, it was a political science class!

And ahhh, the shiatsu sounds great. Go for 10! I get these Korean body scrubs/massages and I come out rejuvenated and glowing. Cannot live without this regular indulgence!

Hugs and kisses!
Fabulous post, I am so happy to read of your perfume adventures! What a crack up in Caron -- talk about conspicuous consumption!!

And so glad there are more new Montales on the way. Hoggar Mota sounds perfect -- must get my hands on a sample.
Dear Diane - you know exactly what i mean except that these sheikhs could possibly buy up stores like Caron and gift them to their wives! ;)

Shiatsu is really healing and I think I will go back once a month.

Hope you are well.

Dear R! I started writing features from last week - our dear Mireille suggested that I do. I was rather shy before that. ;D
I think you will like Hoggar Mota a lot - it has incense that is not overwhelming but really soft and the drydown is beautiful when I tried. Velvet Flowers is worth a try for reviewing purposes.

PS Robin - forgot to write that yes I have never experience people buying up a boutique. Once at a jewellers yes but this was a totally new but fun experience.

Seriously, I think I'd faint if I witnessed someone buying up a boutique. But of course, like you, I'd wear a composed, Japanese mask face. "Oh sure, another regular day at Caron. They're filling up jugs, is that all?" And off I go on my way.

Must add that I hope Aedes gets the new Montales soon. Thank you for the update! Love the features, btw. I have to catch up on the ones below, but I love the variety.
LOL D dear - what are you doing up at this hour sweetie?
Thank you so much for your kind words and I will keep you entertained. Yes great news that Montales will now be available in the US.
Now get to bed! ;)

i dunno, N - would Tony have forgiven you a few batted eyelashes, if the prize were a vat of Narcisse Blanc?

You crack me up - i could just picture you chuckling down the sidewalk :>)
I'm too green to comment. LOL!
ah yes, bemused and indifferent. I will work on being that. LOLOL! xoxoxo
N, that is the most hilarious story! I wish you had snapped some photos. I bet you wanted to stick your finger in your mouth and gag right in front of those fools! LOL!

The massage sounds like it was blissful! Go for ten more! :)

Dear All you fab ladies above! Thank you, thank you! I wish I had just taken the photos.
Another time - if ever!

That was a great post Neela! More than I've heard you say in a long time. I laughed at your description of the sheiks and am faintly curious about the future of those perfumes they bought. Would love to see where they end up.
and I came back to read this again ... I loved seeing what your days are like! xoxo
Fantastic post! And now in my head I am singing, "Le freak est chic," only it's "le sheikh est freak" instead.
What a fab post - I loved the cheeky and non-pc nature of it. Talk about conspicuous consumption. Dear lord - can you imagine wearing say Tabac Blond in 100 degree plus weather - gag me now. FIVE cars - oh why not?? Don't get me started - I still remember the 'woman cover' warnings I would get when shopping in a Riyadh souk. I also loved your journey to find the Chanel purse but I am happy you loved your massage. No one deserved it more. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to your next non-pc post.
What a fabulous day! I really like the Cucina line, the lotions are really great! Can't wait to hear more on the Montales!
Thank you wonderful ladies - Laura, Mireille, Tania, Felicia, Sand for such kind words. Wish you were here - we could have really had a laugh and maybe guts to turn and made rude gestures.

T- I now have your lyrics playing in my head.

Mwah to all!
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