Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Greetings from my idea of heaven - the Cote d'Azur!

I wanted to share how much I have been enjoying the past couple of weeks holidaying in this gorgeous part of France. There are too many good things to describe in a short post - it is heaven for anyone who loves great cuisine, great places to drive to, fantastic art, beautiful sea etc.
What I want to share is my first ever perfume creation and I am off to make the second.
Grasse is rather close to the villa we are staying in (near Tourettes sur loup which is a beautiful medieval perched village and it happens to be the City of Violets - one of my favourite flowers) and after having visited Grasse several times in the past decade - I pondered that it would be a shame not to try and create a perfume.

I must say that that my first attempt was rather shockingly and surprisingly good (I know but what is the point of being modest in this self promoting world!). Actually the reason why I thought it was good is because even my rather critical husband thought so. For the sake of utter simplicity I called it Moi-Même No. 1 and I have created only 13 mls of it - sad huh??! I pray now that I will be able to recreate this in larger quantities to share with some of my fragrance loving friends as I have been wearing this the past few days.....

Today I am off to create another and will report when I can. Creating perfumes at my level is truly as much fun as cooking with superb ingredients and feeling satisfied with the creation. I have to say that there are many budding perfumers out there and I have had the opportunity to meet some over the past years. A perfumer had once mentioned to me that creating perfumes is a rather lonely activity and I admire all the ones who have been recognized for their rather magnificent creations. Creating like I am as a hobby is really different from creating with the idea of making a perfume attractive to the public.

I know that some of you have created some perfumes - would you like to share your experiences?
I may not be able to respond till I return home to Paris.
Hope you are all well and enjoying a gorgeous summer.

Oh N - how lovely. I am so happy the experience was a good one. I fear the thought of creating my own fragrance - the few times I have tried have been a complete and utter mess. I find the chemistry of creation eludes me - go figure. I am thrilled you are having a wonderful holiday and look forward to catching up with you when you return. Hugs to you!
What fun! Wish I could smell it. What's in it? What's the effect?

I've never made a perfume. (I declared on my blog that I surrendered all hopes of ever being a DIY perfumer.) The closest I've ever come is layering cheap Yves Rocher lavender over Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan and deciding I liked it. Calling that a perfume composition would be like dumping a can of tuna into your Kraft mac & cheese and calling it a recipe.

Looking forward to hearing more from my favorite Parisienne en vacances!
N, so glad you are having a wonderful vacation -- you deserve it!

Where & how are you creating this perfume? And LOL -- when will it hit the stores? Enquiring minds want to smell your first creation :-)
Dear N, what a wonderful vacation! I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying all aspects of it. Given your wonderful taste, I have no doubt that the first creation is amazing. I am adding to name to the wait list! ;)

I do blending now and then, especially lately. It is a fascinating exercise, and I am learning more and more each day.
Hello, darling N! So glad that you and T are having a fantastic time.

You created a perfume? What are the notes, and what does it smell like? I can't wait to hear your report. :)

Hugs and love!
I'm curious, too - what's your notes? And what supplier are you getting them? So many things to learn about here :)
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A huge thanks to all you absolutely wonderful ladies! My No.1 (13 mls of it) is a woody-floral with violets, fleur d'oranger, sandalwood, amber etc.

The No. 2 yesterday - was done in a less artisanal fashion at Galimard where I created a second version - improving on the first - I added a bit of cloves, cedar and couple of things I want testers to guess!

I will write a long post answering all your questions. I got the oils from Grasse - you get them in Galimard and also in Molinard.

Hugs to all of you!
Hi N! DH and I stayed in Callian for a week in May/June - lovely! You must be enjoying some gorgeous weather!
btw - those scents sound lovely - esp. the one with clove! Unfortunately (or fortunately for DH) I didn't experiment with creating the way you are - I stuck strictly to the retail end of things ;-)
N, you may be the next Annick Goutal! Those two fragrances sound lovely. I look forward to your full report.

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time - you deserve it!

Can't wait to hear all the details of 'Adventures in Perfumery' - you've included some of my favorite notes :>) Oh, and don't forget to post pics of *heaven*!
Sounds like a wonderful time, N. Have a safe return trip home.
Hi N!

Your post made me swoon! I hope you are having a wonderful time. How lovely to make your own fragrance in Grasse no less!

The only time I have made my own fragrant concoction I was at Fred Segal in Santa Monica over a year ago. I do not remember the notes I used, but it smells like lavendar. Not that it is bad, but I wish it smelled more unique.

I am sure your fragrance is beautiful. I will keep my fingers crossed that you make enough to sell and share. I know I will buy it!

Enjoy the rest of your vacay.

Hello T, D, K and J!

Thanks for all your comments.

I am back and hope to update soon.

J - I would love to smell your creation!

Mwah to all!
Tania, you said, "en vacances"! LOL!

I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself in my favourite part of the world. Perfume making is a delightful hobby. :-)
Hello J! Many thanks - we had a great time as always. The weather was rather pleasant and we revisited so many of our favourite places. I thought of you when we were in Nice. :)

Perfume making is a delightful hobby indeed! :)

Hope you are well. Mwah
Both of the fragrances sound lovely!
The second scent made my mouth water. I pretended to make a fragrance at the SUL counter at Barneys. There was no sales clerk so Patti and I played at the counter. Patti noticed that I chose mostly bottom notes for my fragrances. LOL
I hope you have a lovely holiday and will try to write soon!
Darling Annie! Thank you for your kind comment. I am sure you did a great job at the SUL counter. My first is a bit bottom heavy - the others got a bit more balances.
Hope you are well.


Yay Neela! I bet your scents are marvelous. I hope you make more and sell them, I will buy some from you!!!! :-)

You are always so kind to me Kate!
Will make more and send samples.

Lots of love,

Ha! Bela caught me Frenchifying.
LOL! Yes T! ;)

I haven't been to your blog for quite a while...looks like I've missed a lot.

It's fabulous that you've made a scent you love. ~!!!~~ Take exacting notes (I'll bet you are) and make more!

When I first started tossing oils together I often didn't bother writing down how much I used of this or that and then, of course, I couldn't remember how much of this or that.

The only other advice I'd give is that when/if you make something you don't like and you've toyed with it for several days or weeks...don't throw it away. Mark it meticulously and put it away for a month. They do change. If you still don't like it after it has matured, DiLuTe It! Sometimes a perfume is just too intense but it changes with more alcohol to a whole different creature. If all else fails...add distilled water and make a room spray out of it or put it in your bath water.

Can you tell I don't believe in waste? !!!
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