Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My Top 10 Summer Scents....

Summer days are glorious, beautiful and long. Nature awakens to flourish during these gorgeous days before cooler weather descends on us for the next several months.

These are days when I can experiment with a certain type of scents.
However, I tend to avoid leather based scents which happen to be my staples in autumn and winter months.

So here are my top 10 (cringe as there are quite a few i had to exclude from this list) summer scents this year....

The list of my top 10 are below and pictures above are in no order. It was not easy to come up with one. I like a mix of fragrances during summer months. As we were blessed with a nice summer here this year (so far, so good) - I must say that I got the opportunity to wear a variety. Over the years, my citrussy selection has been fast disappearing (I gave many away) as I do not reach out for them as much. However, I still hold on to some of my classic favourites which I do not wear as often - though they are mentioned here.

Here goes my list this year that I love and enjoy wearing:

1. Guerlain Jicky extrait - my first grown up perfume - I love it because it is a fresh, complex and an uplifting fragrance. Notes include lavender, rosemary, bergamot, fougere, opopanax, woody notes, vanilla and tonka bean.

2. Guerlain Apres L'Ondee -A gem from Guerlain! Notes include aniseed, cassia note, violet, carnation, iris and vanillic notes.
This is one of the best ever extraits that Guerlain have ever made and then sadly discontinued. :(

I love many other classic Guerlains because they are beautiful perfumes and I enjoy wearing them. Check

3. Annick Goutal Eau de Ciel - a long term summer staple because I love the soft notes of Brazilian rosewood, violet, Florentin iris and lime blossom. It is discreet and one you can wear to any professional meetings without worrying about your perfume.

4. Annick Goutal Eau d'Hadrien - another long term staple that is true summer in a bottle. I sometimes travel with this as it is one that my husband likes as well. Described by as:
"A zesty combination of lemon, grapefruit, and cypress that evokes the heat of a Mediterranean sun and the coolness of the shade of a lemon tree. Named for the Roman emperor, Eau D'Hadrien is an exhilarating evocation of summer's promise".

5. Jean Patou Joy parfum - classic beauty and a white flower fest. This heavenly scent contains essential oils of jasmine and rose and is one of the most expensive perfumes.
Joy was first launched in 1930 by Jean Pateau as a gift to some of his American clients who could no longer afford his clothes following the stock market crash of 1929.

6. Serge Lutens Un Lys is a beauty that I fell for much later. I have tried this several times in the past and then one day this spring i finally did fall for it.

7. Serge Lutens Tubereuse Criminelle is a soft and beautiful love or hate fragrance. I am grateful my nose loves it.

8. Serge Lutens Cedre is the latest from SL and it is beautiful on me and my husband actually complimented me several times. I think this is a winner!

I love many other perfumes from Serge Lutens and wear them all year around.
For notes please check Bela's excellent notepad

9. Caron Farnesiana (a new love for summer months) - I liked it in the past and then I started using up some I had and I have fallen for this soft, powdery perfume. It is a gorgeous blend of mimosa, iris and lavender Patchouli, Oak Moss, Sandal, Vetiver.
The extrait is what I love and one spray lasts the whole day like most Carons. Most other Carons are my all year round favs which we will hopefully get to another time.

10. Gobin-Daude Jardins Ottomans - A gem, a treasure of a perfume. I fell for this in June when Fortnums decided to give away (at 75% off - it is giving away). It trasports me to exotic bazaars. Browns in London describes this jewel as follows:
"Early morning in the Orient, your spirit and imagination wandering through gardens - listening to the song of the birds, to the music of running water in the blue light, while gardeners wearing large straw hats water rich, red soil, beneath lemon and orange trees, full of fruits… Family: Floriental, amberyContains : lemon petitgrain, yuzu, genista, patchouli…"

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(Please note: if you visit one of the sites above and the list isn't there yet, check back later in the day. Some of us are in different time zones, and some of us sleep later than others).

All photos are from various sites to mark some unoriginality!

Such a classic list you have dear N. Beautiful. I do find Joy surprising for whatever reason... I guess I seem to associate it with fall/spring, and I don't know why! Maybe somewhere, at sometime, someone I knew wore it during those seasons.
Hello dear K! Thank you and I cannot wait to see yours.
Joy is a all year fragrance but the floral aspect makes me enjoy this most in summer.

Hello darling N!
Your summer fragrances are all gorgeous! I have been loving Jardins Ottoman since its debut. It's my favourite among Gobin Daudes.
I have not tried Cedre yet but think I must try it soon.:)
Hope you are very well!
Darling S! Hope you are very well too and it is lovely to see you! Thanks and I know you love many of these too. I think you may love cedre.
We must catch up soon.

Great list, N, and as always you also have such lovely use of photography.

I know what you mean about cringing over what is left out of the list! I re-did mine 5 times and I'm still not happy with it. You will HATE it as it is almost all citrus :-)
Thanks R!!
I actually liked your list! :)
Don't know what happened to me and citrus perfumes. :(

About the photos - they are all UNoriginal - taken from other websites! I did not have the time to take photos.

PS: I meant to add to the above that most of the ones you mentioned R - they are not just plain lemony variety - they are great blends...

Hi Neela!

Beautiful list. I think SL's Un Lys is so lovely. The best lily scent I have ever smelled.
What a beautiful list, and we both have Apres L'Ondee! You must smell amazing all the time, dear N.
Darling Annie! I loved your list too. Yes Un Lys is really pretty and I too think it is the best lily in the market.

Hello dear F! I liked your list a lot too. :) Isn't it such a shame that they had to discontinue with the Apres L'Ondee extrait?

Have a super day!
Darling Neela, I love your list and the photos that accompany it. You have such wonderful taste, and you include so many of my favourites. Joy parfum works especially well in the warm weather, blossoming like an exotic flower. Moreover, Jardins Ottomans is another favourite, which I sadly had to leave out. It is just too difficult to decide on only 10.
Such lovely choices! You make me want to try Farnesiana again - i only sniffed the EDT, probably didn't give it a fair trial. (you lemmingmonger!)

i've posted my own top 10 list and shamelessly piggybacked links to the blogs you listed - hope this is okay :>)
Darling V! I love your list too. I am so glad you like some on mine too. Yes I totally agree about Joy - the parfum truly blossoms in summer months.

Darling D! Thank you and you are very welcome and I am off to see your list.

Darling Red Queen
You have mail!!

I love the story of taking time to fall in love with Un Lys! It must be worth it! xoxo
Hello dear M! I tell you -the beauty of three of the perfumes on my list (Farnesiana, Un Lys and Jardins Ottomans) dawned on me after a few years! ;)
What a beautiful list! Not only do I have Apres L'Ondee and Tubereuse Criminelle on my list, I love so many of the others you noted. I love that Jicky was your first grown-up perfume. Clearly, you have a classical gene in your blood, dear N!
Oh N you have such a wonderful list! Been meaning to try Cedre! Going to have to test Eau d'Hadrien again as it's both on you and Victoria's list!
You have such an artistic eye and creative talent. A beautiful blog! And a beautiful and refined list of summer perfumes. I must try Apres L'Ondee because I've noticed it's on several of our Top Ten lists today. Much love, L
Very lovely choices! I was thinking that they also all have beautifully-designed bottles! They'd all looks so wonderful grouped together on a vanity! =)
Thank you very much you lovely ladies.

Dear Diane - love your list too! We do have a couple in common. :)

Dear Sand - thank you and loved your list too. Yes please try Eau d'Hadrien as it is a beautiful summer scent.
Dear Lucia - thank you for you very kind words. Welcome to this blog!


Dear Koneko - welcome to this blog and I loved your list too.

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