Wednesday, August 03, 2005

New weekly feature here on my fragrance experiences

As some of you know, I organise visits to perfume boutiques for individuals which is called Perfume Path tours - please check
I try not to write much about perfumes as there are so many fascinating blogs out there who do it better than I do. However, a very kind and lovely fellow blogger M (yes the super talented and philosophical one who writes superb stuff and her blog is really going places - )
M suggested that I write more about my fragrance experiences in Paris as I live here and that is precisely what I plan to do on a weekly basis from now on.

My perfume experiences this week included visiting two of my current favourite boutiques:

A. Yet another visit to my favourite Palais Royal, where I enjoy the calm beauty in the centre of Paris. On Monday, I met up with my friend A for an afternoon of coffee and natter. We HAD to stop at Serge Lutens - it is really inconvenient that I happen to love Palais Royal and SL had to have this magnificent boutique there. A re-tested Rahat and Cedre - the new SL beauty. She enjoyed both and actually liked Cedre very much. I think Cedre is really beautiful and a real relief for a Serge Lutens fan - after the dreaded launch of the rather unexciting furniture polish like - Miel de Bois!
I tested Iris Silver Mist (a very dear friend V who is super talented and writes a fab blog - loves this so I wanted to re-test in her honour) and suss my reaction on that fine summer day , Rahat (one I truly detested and criticised in the past and then this spring I suddenly fell for it) and the bewitching Fumerie Turque. I sadly happen love them all now and I guess I will have to wait and justify the "need" for purchasing all three. Wait - I just realised that Iris Silver Mist actually calms me down, Rahat makes me smile and Fumerie Turque transports me to a holiday destination in an imaginative opium den somewhere terribly exotic! ;) Aren't these good enough reasons (at the risk of sounding so very shallow when there are many worthy causes that would do better with those 300 euros!) for mortals like me to procure, enjoy and survive in this world? ;)

For notes on all the above perfumes please check J's own Serge Lutens webpage - she is SL's ultimate spokesperson
(J aka Bela is also the creator of one of my favourite slap blogs - well it is one of a kind really -I visit whenever I wish slap the rest of humanity called

B. In the past eight months or so - I have been rather impressed by the service at the Patou boutique. After reading about custom made perfumes and their sample creation for people who may wish to get perfumes created for them at a cost naturally. This will be some 43,000 Euros - but then nobody else will smell like you if that worries you greatly and you will get a couple of litres of juice in wonderful flacons to last a while and any future repeat orders etc. I visited the Patou boutique on Wednesday to smell the most wonderful Julye which has been written about by Luca Turin in his blog recently -

Julye is beautiful! It starts off as he described it. The perfume is stunning and right up my street as I love leather notes in perfumes. Thus is a woody-fruity-floral-leather - rather feminine but any confident male in touch with their feminine side will be able to wear it too. This will be used to give clients who want a custom made perfume an idea what the creations will be/can be like. It is a great visitng card of sorts and my oh my what a gorgeous one! I plead with them to start selling the juice in affordable bottles to us all soon. I will be doing a special feature on Patou in September so do watch this space...

Tomorrow I maybe visiting the Caron boutique on Faubourg St. Honore. My favourite Caron boutique by miles. I am maybe indulging in some Tabac Blond and maybe some N'aimez que Moi. I will add that to my next week's post.

Next week: Caron, Montale, maybe Miller et Bertaux and maybe even some photos....

Have a wonderful weekend all of you!!

Yay!! This will be so much fun to read--almost as good as being there with you! So glad you've decided to do this! Ilook forward to trying the Cedre ( I hope with you!) this fall. More, more!
Hi L! Thanks for the post. I just noticed how long it is.

Hope to be able to keep up..
I'm with Laura! You ARE "the next best thing to being there"! Also like the bright, more-N-like masthead ... and the descriptions that reflect an actual human's taste (if it smells like furniture polish, it smells like furniture polish). I very much like these changes, N. xoxoxoxo
Thank you again M darling! Did you like the orange blog? Tell me please - I was playing around. Was not sure whether that would be suitable.

I thank you for adding your thoughts on parfum. I find your experiences quite insightful for those of us who love both fragrance and Paris. The Palais Royale is a treasure and I appreciate both your pics and thoughts on the beloved SL fragrances. Looking forward to more of your posts...I hope you also add restaurants and other foodie experiences as if you didn't have enough to do!
Hello dear Felicia! I will try and do that more than I do at present. Hope you are well.

Dear N, what a superb idea! I love this new feature. Whenever you talk about visiting some particular place in Paris, I always feel as if I am there with you. Laura is right, you are the next best thing to being in Paris. The next best, because in Paris I would actually get to see you!
Darling, this is wonderful. Please do post photos of the boutiques when you have the time.

Hugs and love, rsj
Darling V! Thank you so much for your lovely sentiment. I will try to make it more interesting as we go along. Hope you are well.

Darling Robin,

Glad you like this and I will post more photos each week.
Hope you are well.


It feels as if you have taken us along with you on that seductive fragrance path tour.

I like this format. It is more you, with vivid colors and the layout speaks of our dear N.

Hope you are well, dear N.
Thank you so much for your thoughts and comments dear B! Hope you are well too.
Hello there!
Nice to know you grew up in Calcutta as well. It's been ages since I've been back. My parents now live in Madras aka Chennai and I don't leave Buffalo as much as I'd like to.
Nice blog, by the way!
Thanks Girish and yours is too! I do go back there each year with my husband who is an Indophile and because most of my family still live there. Chennai is great too. We have some family friends there. Hope you can visit India again soon. I am growing to appreciate it much more - the older I get if that makes many sense.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, as well. I do like this new feature. I think it can only add resonance to the photos from your travels to all these neat little places and boutiques.

Moreover, it's always a joy to find well written, carefully considered perfume reviews and musings.
Thanks dear Katie! Will certainly try and do some photo features as well.
Hope all is well.

Have a super time this weekend.
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