Wednesday, August 10, 2005

One of my favourite cartoon characters - or should I say two!

please click on image to enlarge!

HOW i miss them! That man is a genius - it is a crime that he's holed up in a posh suburb, hiding his light from us.
I love Calvin and Hobbes. Funny how cartoon characters can touch your life. How I miss these two - brilliant choice. See no 'p's??
Hipsters! Let's Dance, N! xoxoxo
How I love this duo! Thank you for making me smile.

Dear D - I agree that he is totally depriving us of wisdom.

Dear F - so glad you love them too.

Dear M - this duo makes me smile even when I feel down!

Dear V - glad you smiled your beautiful smile!

Mwah to all you fellow C&H fans....

I love them too. I love them even more now that I have my own little "Calvin" dancing around and waking us up! :-)
Hello Kate! I thought you may love them too.
Hope you are well.

Each morning after I read the headlines, the next thing I read are the comics! Done it since I was little!
I adore comics too. Mwah!
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