Friday, August 05, 2005

Parislondres responds to an Interview the superwriter Tania...

of that really fab blog

OK so Tania has asked me the following - rather meaningful questions and here are my answers to them:

1. Who has had the greatest influence on you, and why?

My paternal grandmother, whom I loved, feared and respected dearly and who was a wonderful woman - fluent in eight languages (4 Indian and 4 European) , made her own lotions and potions and did not really believe in soft touch stories for her delicate grandchildren. We were told Bram Stoker's Dracula and other scary stories during most holidays and I remember asking for more! Do you remember how fun and scary THAT could be?
No seriously - it has to be Didi (that is what I called her) means - an elder sister in Hindi.
Didi spent a lot of time with us or should I write we spent with her - she was always there making each day - especially holidays wonderfully entertaining for us. She encouraged us to develop a passion for reading, arts and music. She was also quite a ballbreaker in the best sense of the word. Wish I had learnt more on that aspect of life....she was a true feminist! She was a beautiful, witty, talented, cultured, strong minded, well travelled, spriritual lady. She never feared speaking her mind, was kinda stubborn and had a heart of gold! What a combo!

2. What are your most favorite and least favorite parts about living in Paris?


Most fav:

1. Pace is SLOW......
2. Food is mostly excellent
3. Architecture is great though you can get bored after a while - (Haussman made sure of that!)
4. Not too close to the outlaws (a good THREE hour drive hehehe)
5. Eurostar - anytime London visits
6. Curse in English/etc. people do NOT understand
7. French friends I adore are really great and I get along with them better than most other European women on many levels.
8. Am a hypochondriac - pharmacies on every corner.
9. Love booze - no dearth of wines etc.
10. Love art - no shortage of culture
PS - forgot to mention all the Perfume boutiques.......

Vive la France!

Least fave:

1. Too many French live here!
2. I detest small dogs (badly trained ones) and rather filthy dog owners who are most inconsiderate - leaving roads full of shite and when it rains it can be disgusting.
3. Men are lecherous - it encourages them if you are married - I swear!
4. Curse in French and they understand
5. Women are stick thin and they eat more than I do (or pretend to)
6. Much too much temptations...
7. Not cosmopolitan enough
8. Awful Indian restaurants
9. I miss UK Theatre
10. I so miss Cafe Nero and Starbucks on every corner - am bored to tears with French cafe culture - I do frequent many tea rooms here.

3. If you could have either the power to be invisible or the power to fly, which would you choose?

Power to Fly - I dream about that day and night.
I love making an entrance/impact so what is the point if I do have the power to be invisible non?

4. What is a common misconception that people have about you?

Well - that I am nice?

5. What was the best meal you ever had in your life?

Tania - tooooo many to remember - ones I loved a lot were at Agata e Romeo in Rome, our Belgian wedding feast etc..... FAB!!

Now, if you have a blog and you want to be interviewed, leave me a note in the comments that says, "Interview me, please."I will respond by asking you 5 questions, but not the same as the above questions. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions and interview someone else in the same post or new post.

Neela-didi, you always make me smile!
And by the way, being nice is way overrated. ;)
Thanks Tania dear! Being nice is truly overrated. Thank you for understanding! ;)
But you are nice, darling! No, not in some namby-pamby, goody-2-shoes way, but in a deep, considerate, wholehearted way.

Now that I think about it, you ain't nice at all.

You are all that's kind and good and loyal.

much love, rsj
Wonderful questions and answers!
I love the new look of the blog!
Oh I hate all poorly behaved dogs, but the big ones more than the little ones (I was once attacked by a chow-pit bull mix, and ever since I get nervous around uncivil doggies of all sizes.) And as dog owner, it really gets under my craw when their people don't pick up after them. It is part of being a good responsible dog owner for crying out loud. Now I feel terribly old and crotchedy, because I am the sort who always has a poo bag on hand, plus an extra just in case, for whenever I take my little weiner doggie out.
Darling R - you are so lovely to write this. I really hope I am all that. :))
Hope you have a great weekend.

Oh Annie dear - thank you!
Yours is just wonderful too.
Hope you are well.
Dear Katie - you would be an exception here in France because - people refuse to pick up and the ones who do are foreigners. It is so disgusting when the owners stand by cars all decked up (mainly women sadly) and their dogs making a mess in between cars. It is really a disgusting habit. I give disapproving looks to these tarts - oops women!

Facinating as always N! i'm sure you've made your Grandmother very, very proud!
Dear S! Thanks again! Hope you are well. About doing Didi proud - I am not sure. :)
I love your answers, and I agree on many points about pros and cons of Paris. The dogs and men are the worst aspects, by far!

Darling V!! Thank you and glad you think the same.

Hope you are well.

Great questions and great answers.

You are quite funny N!

Dear Jen! Welcome and thank you but YOU are funnier cherie! Nobody has come forward to be interviewed next though!
You are nice, N! You never disagree with anyone on that board of ours.

Paris is not good for my health: I get profoundly depressed, almost suicidal, every time I go back there (no idea why). But it's getting more and more attractive by the day, in comparison with London.
Oh I'll volunteer myself, and ask to be interviewed if no one else has, then. I swear memes come to die on my blog, but I will totally make an exception for you N. And besides, this is a far more individualized interesting one than some of them that are just impersonal lists. So, would you care to interview me, Neela?
Thank you bela for thinking I am nice! ;)
About Paris - I think it can be gloomy. Not all is lovely and romantic as most tourists think. You have lived here so you know.

Yeah Katie! I am going to post on your blog a few questions today. Thank you for agreeing to play the interview tag.

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