Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Some perfume and beauty news..

On Tuesday, I visited the Annick Goutal boutique on the Champs - well there was nothing new except their skincare range which they seem to be concentrating on. There was a group of tourists and the boutique can barely hold four people at a time.
I needed to get a shower gel and off I went to Sephora on the Champs.

The music in Sephora drove me away - it was awful, loud and so tacky! I cannot understand what they try to achieve with such loud annoying music. For god's sake - i want to shop in peace not fearing the next war is about to descend. The crowd there makes you fear that you maybe caught up in a stampede any minute anyways!

I headed for some peace into the Guerlain boutique on Champs Elysees and had a wild time spritzing Violette Madame and Plus que Jamais. I am warming up to the latter perfume I must say! Oh dear - oh dear! I adore Violette Madame which lasts 10 mins on me - if that! It is an EDT of the weaker variety - some EDTs last on me - this one disappears in no time.

I had a rather frustrating time sticking my head into the wall cabinets where they have displayed some ornaments to represent the classics they are slowly about to relaunch. I made another huge effort to smell Kadine, Ode, Sous le vent and Cachet Jeune. This was possibly by 7th time doing this ritual and I promise you I could only smell Ode and Kadine -that too very faintly!

The SAs were as charming as ever and indulged me by spending lots of time with me and describing their new home range which is lovely:

Gorgeous candles at 60 euros (designed by Andree Putman - like she did for the interior design of the new boutique) and room sprays - 125 ml at 50 euros:

Bois des Indes - absolutely delightful for a sandalwood and spice lover.
Contes Tahitiens - smells of white flowers - Tiare?
Boudoir Venetiens - cannot remember much - it was OK - will write more
Hiver en Russie - leathery - lovely - cosy.

There are also incense sticks at 20 euros per packet.

Guerlain have also launched several shades of new Kisskiss lippies and a rather nice foundation called Fleur de teint. Please check

Frederic Malle's Carnal Flowers will be out for press in September. I called yesterday and spoke to a woman who told me that they will not be for sale for a few months. Anyone else know anything different? She mentioned November or even December - oh lord why that late and why not September. I am hoping she did not know much. Also wondering why I am getting impatient. I thought I was bored with that lot!

Have a fab time the rest of the summer. Am off on holidays and see you in September!!

Dear N, I loved this post! The room fragrances sound wonderful, and the mysterious Boudoir Venetiens is particularly enticing (due to the name). I am a big candle fiend, and these must be explored soon!
I thought of you V! I just think you will love the Bois des Indes and Hiver en Rusie a lot. They are rather large the candles with a mesh holder. The sprays are actually good.

I've just realized I haven't been to the Champs-Elysées for 21 years! Help! It was a dump the last time I was there. Things change, luckily. :-)

Have a great holiday, N!
Everything sounds so wonderful! Have a great and safe vacation!!!
Many thanks J and S for your wishes.
Will catch up in September.

Neela, great post. When you were at AG did you get to check out the Serum Splendide? Its a beautiful skin cream made with the nectar of roses (or so they say). In a moment of extreme fiscal irresponsibility I bought a pot of it when at Bergdorf Goodman at the April Sniffa. Its truly gorgeous.

Hope you have a great holiday.
I know just what you mean about the loud music at Sephora. I went to fragrance fair this spring, and they were blasting a bunch of mindless loud pop music that was so loud I couldn't think. It was so loud the SAs had a very hard time hearing my questions, and I their answers. So on top of the loud music, it seemed like everyone was half-yelling, too. I was relieved when the Givenchy lady and I toddled away downstairs to look at the men's frags. The first thing she said was how glad she was someone wanted to get away from that noise. I can't imagine having to work ALL DAY in a noisy stew.

Sixty euros for a candle, though. Eeeesh, I could never rationalize that much, no matter how pretty the scent is. I am a cheapskate, I guess. The incense sticks sound rather reasonably priced though, don't they?
I am so jealous you live in Paris!

Hope you are well, Neela.

A new FM! I am waiting with baited breathe!
Thanks for the information.
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