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What do you think of this news item?


I think blogging has taken the form of a fad now crescendoing in use. In the near future, I see it tapering far back, consolidating into a medium that will probably involve blogger groups -- the megablogs -- and be very similar to the zines format of the early Salon and Nerve cyberpublications. In other words, people who are not passionate about getting their particular/personal message out will fall away, those that remain will evolve into true cyberjournalists but there won't be a blog coming out of every PC the way it seems now. I think there will also be a heightened commercial element. Entities like Blogger will figure out they're not making enough money to offer the service at no cost, people who are serious will transfer to a higher quality fee-for-service format like Typepad and some sort of payment will be exacted of niche audiences who are interested enough in the particular blogzine to pay for it. The blog as diary/journal/confessional will not last forever, or even for very much longer, I think. Thank you for asking. *grin* xoxoxo
Hi M! Thank you for your response. I agree and believe that 'megablogs' or blogger groups will be the way forward. However providers like Blogger are here to stay (Blogger belongs to Google). I think the reverse may happen Typepad may offer lower fees/almost free packages soon.

I read this earlier on your blog and have been thinking about it on and off today. There was also a piece on NPR today about this phenomenon. I'm not at all surprised by the statistics cited in the BBC article. Look at the number of blogs started by people on MUA in the past month or so, for example. Amazing. I started mine to showcase my art and it works well for that. I probably wouldn't have a blog at all if it weren't for my art, because I'm not interested in having a public journal expressing my thoughts and emotions, though I do like to read those of others.I don't live in an interesting place like some lucky people ;D, so there is nothing for me to share on that front! Your blog with its lovely and interesting and often playful glimpses into a life in that beautiful city is a site I like to visit daily, however. It will be interesting to see what becomes of the larger blogging fad, won't it? Btw, what do YOU think of the article, dear N? xoxo,L
Yes, tell us what you think! And tell me if you received my email humbly asking permission to use your photo of jewels! xoxo
Dear L! I think there are too many blogs now but look at the ease with which we can create such an account (however pathetic like this one). I am so glad that artists like you are blogging and showing your creations. Blogging is and must remain a creative outlet - again however pathetic the blogs may be!

Darling M - just sent an email.

btw, please let me apologize for what sounded like a tacky response the other day to your query about your new look!! I can SEE just what a Parislondres blog should look like and it is so effervescent and piquant in my mind's eye. I also know how few choices the blogger.com templates allow--I used this service at first and felt frustrated at the lack of design choices. So please forgive this outspoken artist's undiplomatic opinion---sometimes my artist's eye speaks without thinking. Now that is a mixed and ungainly metaphor.
Yes, this looks very elegant. So there ;D.
No worries L as your comments were good! I did want an orange blog but they did not have the orange I wanted. So I went for the super sober look!
I think it's just a modern twist on what people have always done - record snippets of their lives through one media or another. A hundred years ago people used to keep detailed scrapbooks with photos and mementos of their daily lives. I do think that blogs are like any other type of journaling, though, in that some folks are more likely to persist, while others forget and are distracted by other concerns. I'm really curious to see a gender breakdown about this someday, though. On one hand, men are stereotypically more into gadgety techno stuff, but on the other hand, women are more willing to be divulging of the contents of their heads. I'm inclined to believe women tend to keep their blogs going longer and more consistently, in the same way women tend to keep written journals more often. Yeah, I know, I'm completely generalizing, of course.
astonishing report ... I think it's just great!
I think that it is a fascinating trend. If anything, it can add to the traditional press, it can offer a variety of independent opinions. I probably would not make a public journal, but when I felt that I need a creative outlet for both my writing and my passion for fragrance, I felt that the blog format is what I would prefer. Also, I like sharing information with others, hearing comments on what I write about, keeping in touch with various people I have encountered both in real life and online.

Moreover, as part of the blog trend, I get to enjoy the blogs created by other talented women from MUA. That in itself is priceless!

Great link. Thank you. What a wonderful corner on internet you have created, dear N!
Thank you wonderful ladies for your comments.

Thank you dear K -yes it is another rather easy way to keep a journal and also publish it at the same time. :)

I agree with you dear V that I would not keep a personal journal either (feelings and sentiments) but what I like to share are some experiences too and keep in touch with people online. :)

Welcome to this place becca!!
I'm not surprised. I myself start a new blog every other day.

Is it good or bad for the world? Hard to tell. I don't know if it's a passing fad, but I do know that we, the internationally linked Internet people, have become so used to typing our ideas out to other people (email, chat, bulletin boards) that creating a blog seems no big deal.

Naturally, some blogs will always be greater than others. But I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy hitting the "next blog" button over and over on Blogger sites, seeing the random blogs of strangers pop up on my screen! It can be a surreal, heartwarming, freaky, or boring tour, and I hope I can continue embarking on it for a long time.
Thanks Tania - I too do that random blog hopping thing on blogger - to see what is out there. Let us hope that we can all continue on this blogging journey for a while.
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