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Caron is one of my favourite perfume houses and I have worn their perfumes for almost two decades. My first love was En Avion, mainly because it is a perfume my mother has been wearing for many years. In my early twenties, I enjoyed wearing Infini, then Nocturnes, then I graduated to Fleurs de Rocaille which is a gorgeous aldehydic floral and also wore Nuit de Noel. In my thirties, I started loving their bolder perfumes and have fallen for many of them including French Cancan and my current fascination is with Farnesiana. This is a misunderstood but highly wearable perfume. I always reacted to Farnesiana as being too gourmand just like I did with Rahat from Serge Lutens. To hell with gourmand because the drydown is gorgeous when you try Farnesiana. Besides I love the name and it takes me to my beloved Rome and the Villa Farnesina - please see Tabac Blond is great but I seem to be drawn to Serge Luten's Cuir Mauresque. Poivre is intriguing but not full bottle worthy unless you love peppery scents. The rather poor quality pic above is that of a 50th anniversary presentation of Poivre. It is great to layer Poivre with rose based perfumes to give them an extra kick and make the rose perfumes more characterful. This suggestion is strictly for wannabe rose lovers. ;D

I also happen to be a great fan of their superfine powders and the delightful puffs which are simply gorgeous - you can get them in various shades and sizes. They make special gifts. They are amazingly gentle and a treat for use everyday. The powder is perfumed with the perfume N'aimez que Moi. If you like your powders unscented - don't bother to try these. On that subject, I have to write that I find everything (almost) in France perfumed including loo rolls. I am serious and it is ridiculous. You have to ask for UNscented products and people give you strange looks.

Here are a few photos for you and so let me know your favourite Caron perfumes.
The boutique I enjoy going to is on 90 Fauboug St. Honore because their service is always impeccable. The other boutique on Avenue Montaigne is nice but I cannot say that their service is impeccable. :)

Neela! I didn't get into Caron until just this year. I made a face at Farnesiana when I tried it for the same reason you give (too gourmand! all vanilla-almond girly sweetness!) but if you now love it I'm tempted to give it another shot. I gave up on Rahat Loukhoum, though: Felt like I was getting a cavity every time I put any on.

I wear Tabac Blond (or will when it gets a wee bit cooler) but it's certainly not a for-the-office concoction. Best kept for evenings in a black dress, sipping scotch, bumming a cig off the bartender, and making other girls feel insecure. ;)

I do love Poivre, and am hoarding a little sample of the extract I have until I have money for a full bottle (or until someone *coughWILLcough* catches on and gets me a bottle for my birthday or Christmas).

I also like their masculines a lot, which is rare, since masculines can be so same-y. I have samples of Pour Un Homme, Le Troisième Homme, Yatagan, and Anarchiste, and all of them seem interesting and perfectly wearable by a gal!

I've been told by the world's best perfume SA, Donna at Caron in NYC, that Le Troisième Homme (or was it Pour Un Homme? can't recall) is now in an alcohol-free version, which she assures me makes it so different and so much better, so I've got to go back and try that.

I agree with you on unscented products! I don't want my face powder to have any scent at all! It's so obnoxious when makeup is scented. I even hate flavored lipgloss. I wish companies would cut that out.
Hi T! I am so glad that you enjoy this house too. You are absolutely right about their masculine scents - they are perfect for women too. I did go through a phase of loving Yatagan and adore Pour Un Homme. For a lavender lover - Pour Un Homme beats a lot of perfumes out there. Am delighted that you love Poivre. It is really nice but I wonder if I buy a whole bottle if I will get the chance to use it up. It is actually fab layered with other floral perfumes btw.
I believe Pour Un Homme now comes in an alcohol free version.

Agree that most cosmetics are too scented but can you imagine the lengths they go through here to make almost everything super scented (including a lot of baby products).

Oh - my world's best SAs ever are here in Paris at Guerlain and Caron. :)
What a lovely article, N, and I love the pictures. It looks considerably more elegant than the New York boutique. I am still working on sampling the urn fragrances but hope to report on a new love soon. Farnesiana still strikes me as more interesting than wearable, so I have a ways to go :-)
Gorgeous photographs.

Drooling just a tad.
Hello R! I think this boutique is their largest (the Faubourg St. Honore one) and the service is always superb. They take time. never force etc. LOL - Farnesiana is a tough one but I find that I am getting drawn to some of the more gourmand perfumes during cooler days. Remember I mentioned recently that I am off sweets - maybe this is the compensation - sniffing sweet perfumes. :)
Hello C! Welcome and thanks for visiting this blog. The boutique is really warm and inviting. They also sell various pieces of jewellery and cashmere shawls.
Lovely, delightful photos, my love!

Too bad I'm not evolved enough to appreciate the Carons. Ha, ha!! (Oh, but I do love their Tubereuse!)

Darling R - you are supremely evolved - maybe too much ;) and it is honestly a matter of retesting from time to time. Tubereuse is nice and one of the newest from Caron. I like the Tubereuse too.

Darling N, gorgeous photos! I always love reading about your Caron explorations, because you obviously have such a love for the house, and your passion is palpable. You are the reason I have given more of these fragrances a try, and the reason I purchased French Cancan recently. Paris boutique is definitely more elegant that the one in NYC.

Darling V! Thank you for your kind words and I remember our trip there when you were here last. It was such great fun. I am delighted to know that you bought French Cancan. It is so elegant if applied lightly. The SAs in this boutique are always so warm and real fun to talk to. The store now has these new perfumed leaves for drawers and they are gorgeous. I forgot to mention in the post.

How lovely! You know I share your love and admiration for the House of Caron. Of course, I haven't tried as many - but my favs are Fleurs de Rocaille (like you, I started wearing this in my 20s and still appreciate it today), Nuit de Noel (one of my all-time, top, top scents), and Parfum Sacre (was this EVER available in extrait?). I have worn & loved Bellodgia, tried and admired Violette Precieuse, Poivre and Tabac Blond. Farnesiana, I'm afraid I just didn't *get*...but you're making me think I need to re-try. Of course the extraits are incomparable, but I also feel the EDTs are quite creditable - not watered-down and insipid like so many lines.

Thank you for the little glimpse of heaven!
D dear! I have to try Violette Precieuse as I do not remember it at all. Maybe I skipped it when it was available. Did you get one recently? Farnesiana is a tad sweet to start with but it evolves beautifully and the drydown is comforting and gorgeous. It is fantastic layered with a drop of Tabac Blond too.

Hope you are well. Mwah
Sweetie, I had a beautiful bottle of VP last year - all wrapped in colored paper like a violet rising from its leaves. I wish I had sent you some!

I just checked back in to say - 'Doh!' How could I forget the glorious Narcisse Noir?! Another fav Caron, but I've only tried the EDT. Guess I could never be nailed down to a top three :>)
LOL - about the top three bit! Same here - top three this minute kinda game is the one i can play.
Oh I am sure I will try and find some. Love Narcisse Noir too - it is gorgeous. BTW - hope you got my email and please let me know....

PS I did get the email!! Hope you have a great weekend.

Beautiful photos Neela.
I think my favorite Carons are Tabac Blond and Nuit de Noel.
There is too much powder and too much musty old shop smell in many of their scents. Maybe its my body chemistry.
I love their NYC boutique too. Very beautiful
Thanks L! Yes some of their perfumes do have a musty smell. Glad you enjoy a couple of their gems though.
Hope you are very well.

There are, like, SO MANY Carons I've yet to try. But the one I had to buy was Nocturnes. I now realize it's one of those scents I bought because I really admire it, but it's not really "me." I still pull it out to take a sniff now and then, though. It has this note that smells like nasturtiums to me, which I like quite a bit. And for some reason, everytime I sniff at it, the kids' song with the line "the worms crawl in, the worms crawl out, the worms play pinochle on your snout" always pops into my head. And believe it or not, I mean that in a weirdly favorable way!
LOL! It takes a while to test and appreciate all the perfumes Caron have. K - I loved Nocturnes but cannot wear it any longer. I guess my tastes have matured or changed. Some Carons have taken me years to like and I never force myself.
Dear N, I´m so happy that you posted these pictures :) They remind me of my visit to Caron boutique Faubourg St. Honoré. It was the first boutique I went to on my first day in Paris. I didn´t know any of their scents, but now I know many ;) As you already know I especially love Tabac Blond & Farnesiana, now I´m debating whether to get En Avion or not...;) Every Caron fragrance has that "special Caron-something" to it & I find it very sad that a lot of people think they are oldfashioned scents!
The urn fragrances are so stunning & really worth trying!
Dear C! Hope you are well. Yes I do remember your favourites from Caron and I delighted that you tried these in this boutique. I love Farnesiana too and Tabac Blond - but Farnesiana is much more wearable. I also agree that all Caron perfumes have the Caronade ;) notes which can appear musty.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Hi,very good Blog!! Intercambio Ramiro
Many thanks Ramiro! Welcome to the blog.
Do you know I have never been to the Caron Boutique in Paris?? We simply must go there next time. I have just discovered the classic Caron and Tania was with me when I fell for Tabac Blond. I cannot share you passion for Farnesia but I can for your love of this house. Well done post, darling!
Thanks dear F! ;)
Yes it is worth a visit to get the real Parisian flavour here. :)

Hello, voisine (I'm a Parisian as well). Just a word to say I agree about Caron's avenue Montaigne boutique: I was there yesterday, and the SA was curt and uninterested, although I stated that I already owned several urn fragrances (Farnesiana, Poivre, French Cancan). I was almost ready to buy a tiny flacon of Tabac Blond or En Avion (€73 is no small investment) but she did nothing to entice me... Tant pis, I'll be ordering some Ormonde Jaynes...
Welcome carmencanada! Great to see you here and another Caron fan. I have seen that the Avenue Montaigne's customer service has gone down the hill over the last years. Tant pis as you say! ;) However, in future please go to the Faubourg St. Honore one where the SAs are absolutely charming and helpful - a huge contrast.
I am delighted that you like similar perfumes too.
:) Have a great weekend. Let us hope it will be dry.
Hi, So much fun to see these pictures. Thanks! I just visited the store last Friday, and bought En Avion. A couple of weeks ago I came over (from the Netherlands) for the first time, and bought Farnesiana - indeed a great comforting scent, somewhat reminiscent of Shalimar but without the dominant and earthy sensuality of amber. I should've tried the extrait of Tabac Blonde: i've got the edt, which seems somewhat uneven and sour; maybe the juice's gone awry? I bought the extrait of Narcisse Noir over the internet (lovely bottle), and am still not sure what to make of it, other than 'intriguing'... My first buy from Caron, about a year ago, was Parfum Sacré (edp), with which i maintain a rollercoaster love-affair. I wholeheartedly agree that the SAs are very nice. I don't dare to ask for more samples than they offer though, due to my unfamiliarity with the etiquette in this regard - could you tell me?
Hello Lou!! Welcome to this blog.
I am delighted that you like Farnesiana parfum too and I too have a strange relationship with Parfum Sacre - liked it a lot but then could not stand it. Farnesiana is one of the easiest Carons and your comparison to Shalimar is rather interesting.
About samples, if they have given plenty then I do not ask. However, if they ask what you would like to try why they hand you the bag, I just say that I would like to try some of say Poivre. If the SAs are generous, they just give you some without you asking. :)
I am delighted to meet another Caron fan. :))
PS: Lou, I forgot to mention the En Avion is also lovely layered with Fumerie Turque. :)
You need a drop of each.
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Well, I beat you! I've been wearinig Caron, Bellodgia specifically, since 1967, the year my first child was born. My husband gave it to me as a gift and I've worn it ever since. Once about 7 years ago I was in Paris and stopped by a shop and asked for Bellodgia; I could no longer find it in the US. I was told that it was no longer made...and now, on the web I see it on ebay and a number of the perfume e-stores. Anyone know if they actually started manufacturing it again? Question for you...have you ever heard of l'Heure Bleu? It's scrumptious but don't know it's made anymore either.
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Christy! Welcome to the blog! Only read this now - way behind reading comments. I am delighted that you love Caron too. Yes they do make Bellodfia now.

L'Heure Bleu is made by Guerlain - a true classic. Please see
for further details.
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