Friday, September 16, 2005

A few pics from my holidays...

Clockwise - Left: view from Villa Kerylos, view from Gourdon, a bookshop in Grasse, inside one of Galimard's boutiques..

OMG! That bookshop in Grasse...are they all books about perfume? Perfume-filled books? What? Looks like heaven to me, if it manages to combine my two loves :>)

As always, your photos are intriguing...I especially love the view from the villa.
The scenic shots are lovely, N, but you know I was drooling over the stores...
Great, great photos, as always, darling. I wish I could have joined you. :)

I will try to email you later on or early in the week, okay?

Hugs and love!
My goodness -- I wish I was there. These are beautiful photos and I know you are enjoying yourself.
Dear D! That book store has a rather deceptive name with only part of one shelf on books about perfumes. ;)
Thank you for your very kind words.
Dear R - I thought you may love the bookstore and the Galimard store. Hope you are well.

My dear R - hope you are well and that this weekend went off well. Thanks so much and wish you had been there!
Hope R, J and M are well.

Just sent an email.

Dear liquidplastic! Great to see you again. Thanks very much. These were taken during our summer holidays this year.
Hope you are very well. :))
Beautiful pics N!
Thanks Annie dear! Mwah!
Dear N,
the picture of the Galimard boutique is really lovely, how about their scents? I don´t know them at all, but I think you have tried some while you were there, haven´t you?
Kind regards :)
Dear C! I tried a few there - I will do a post on the perfumes soon. They are all quite nice. I will write a post very soon.
The ones I remember liking are Gamilnar (oriental), Soir de Grasse, Gelsomino which is a floral chypre.
Oh yay - Galimar is one I really like, too, and I'm glad you enjoyed it as well.

I love that picture looking out across the water, it looks sort of mythical in a way because of the misty clouds gathered over the mountains in the background. What a great view!
Hello K! It is one of my fav places in the world - view wise. It is also the warmest resort in the cote d'Azur.

Great that you love Galimar too. It has a lot of character.

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