Thursday, September 08, 2005

Have been feeling like an Alien..

Theirry Mugler's new Alien just launched at Galeries Lafayette in a big way this week. The central panel in this store is something from out of space. However, with the first spritz I felt I may like it. It was a blast of jasmine - a favourite flower of mine that makes me think of summer. Then there is some cashmeran that lends it tremendous amount of warmth. Not being a fan of any of his previous creations, I was happy I liked this. The bottle looks kinda ugly if you ask me. However, some may love it. It is a gorgeous purple - so that aspect I love. Test this if you can at your nearest departmental store.

Next - my friend V and I was pounced on by a SA from Armani to test Glamour for Her - it is a rose and patchouli blend. I can't say I disliked it. It was pleasant but not my cuppa. The men's version City is better. Cannot remember the notes.

Then there was a pretty young school leaver with a rather enthusiastic face at Nina Ricci at Printemps, who encouraged to make me test the new Premier Jour Lucky Day with a rather pretty frosted floral bottle. This is a very fresh and flowery fragrance is made up of subtle gardenia, heliotrope, cassis, orchid and vanilla mixed with more powerful notes of musk and sandalwood.

The result of this afternoon was that I came home smelling like a Vogue magazine.
I am going to have a long soak now as I have had enough of department and designer perfumes for a while....

Dear N, sounds like you had a lot of fun!
I don´t like designer perfumes too much - to me they all smell more or less alike - with only a few exceptions...I´m a niche snob, I know ;D But it´s always good to try them anyway, just in case there could be an exception :)
Well dear C - I am a total niche snob too - so welcome to the club. However, whenever I am in GL or Printemps or Bon Marche - I test perfumes that are available there. You could not avoid that huge Alien display. Again I forgot my camera. :(
Hope you are very well.
Well, you know how I feel about Angel, still! I adore it...Now TM with jasmine...Sounds like a win, win proposition.

Thanks for the review, N!
Hello dear B! I think you may like this very much. The only part I was not sure is the drydown. It is nice but not for me - maybe in winter.

I do not care for the bottle at all. It is just not my sort of thing, since I tend to like classical a little bit more. I do not understand why TM makes such a big fuss over cashmeran. I have some in my set of aromachemicals, which I recently obtained. It is dark, musky, warm, ranging from almost masculine type musk to a soft wet silk feel. I need to try Alien, because it seems like something I might like.

Thank you for a lovely post, darling N!
Darling V! Hope you are well. Yes I totally agree that they did make a huge fuss about Cashmeran. I learnt more from LT's blog after I had posted as he had reviewed this in depth.
Guess the SAs were trained and had to come up with some intelligent sounding words.


Oh, come on now, N...sniffing department store perfumes is good for the soul! I do it all the time. LOL!

I read mixed reviews about Alien, but what does TM care? They'll make a ton of money, right? It's all in the hype, and the bottle alone looks like it will go a long-ng-ng way in giving them that.

Hugs, darling!
Darling R! Hope you are well. Alien is worth a try - it is interesting but I will not be getting it. Well it is fun sniffing but I overdid it!

Hugs and have a fab weekend.
The bottle looks to me like some sort of
goofy custom jewelry setting with gemstones. I will wait to reserve judgement until I am able to see it in person, though.

I am curious to try the juice. Even the Angel florals were interesting, though I really didn't see myself in any of them but the peony one. I am hoping Alien will also be at least interesting to me, even if I don't end up thinking it's "me." I do like jasmine, but it's not always a compelling note for me. I think some jasmines are superior to others, perhaps? Like, I dig the jasmine that Galimard seems to use - it's never direct, it's like a hazy floating floral cloud in their scents. But then I contrast that with, say, the the jasmine in E. Coudray's stuff, which is really household cleanser-y, and while it has some interest, I can't say it's my favorite.

Gah, I'm going to have to wait and be patient for a bit, though, before I shall be able to try Alien. Sigh.
That's a strange looking bottle ... I am afraid I am allergic to most perfumes ... I only discovered this after I got old ... Before then I used to bathe in the stuff!

Now, even when I go to a department store where they sell it, I almost faint from the fumes ... Getting old is highly over-rated!

Thank you for dropping in, I really appreciated your comments.
Ah, what's in a name? Sorry to be so shallow, but...Alien? the name & packaging are so stupid, i don't even want to try it. That bottle looks like a Transformer - these are toy robots that my son used to play with.

As for the Nina Ricci - do you get the feeling that, when they don't even give a scent its *own* name, it probably won't be around long?
Dear Katie - yes it is goofy bottle - the colour is gorgeous though. :) Do try Alien when you can but it can wait - not the most most beautiful perfume I have tried etc. Just that I am not an Angel fan so this was a bit of a surprise - in a good way.

You are spot on about Jasmine - Galimard's is great and some others rather strange.

Have a great weekend.
Hello Liquidplastic! Thank you very much for coming by and I do understand your dilemma being allergic to perfumes. I have this friend near Paris, who cannot wear anything these days and sadly cannot smell very much. :( However- she wears a very light perfume made by IUNX which suits her and never offends anyone.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Hello dear D! Yes - I thought the same about having a name like Alien! I think if someone sends you a sample - please do try it. You maybe surprised.

About Nina Ricci - I agree that this may not last but again we may just be surprised seeing this in the stores 10 years from now!

Hope you are very well.


Neela, I've found the whole Angel/Alien marketing thing to be David Bowie-esque. It's like a Ziggy Stardust thing—a combination of fey and butch, New Age and sci-fi. I'm amused.

But the scent...I don't know, nothing I've heard so far makes it seem exciting. I love jasmine, but it's not like I have a shortage of jasmine scents. Maybe I'll check it out at Saks, but I'm in no rush.

As for designer scents, the only reason to discriminate that I can think of (since so many of my favorites are designer scents) is that they're usually sold in department stores in a hard-sell manner by bored teenagers spraying everything in sight, which makes the shopping experience crowded, headachy, and horrible. At least when you shop for niche scents in a boutique, you generally have a well-informed enthusiast behind the counter who can lead you to things you'd like, as opposed to just shoving the latest thing in your face. It's such a shame. If ordinary department stores employed scent experts that knew all the lines, I suspect shopping for department-store fragrances would be a more pleasant experience.

Thanks for the report—I love that I can vicariously window-shop in Paris through you. :)
Tania dear! :) Thank you for your post - and I agree that well informed sales staff (who do not feed BS to clients for the sake of impressing them) would make a huge difference to the entire shopping experience. In the past, I found less of this pushy variety of SAs here in France. However, that aggressive style is fast catching up.

About Alien - you know I am not a fan of Angel. The VIolet version is acceptable but I would not shell out any dough for it. Alien is worth a try - even for a good laugh. Bet this was launched in the US before it launched here.
Neela -
Thanks for the lovely review. I am not a fan of TM at all. He does have some masculine scents I can stomach, but for the most part I am not a fan of his.
Your review of Alien, however has me curious.

You are so lucky to live in the Fragrance capital of the world.

May I make a request? Can you review some of your favorite restaurants in Paris?
I would love to read some.

Thanks again for sharing.

Dear Jen! Lovely to see you here. Like you, I am not a fan of TM perfumes. However - it is nice enough but I will not buy this perfume. It is less annoying than say Angel that I can smell wherever I go - seems to have taken over Europe.
Yes I will try and do a restaurant feature one of these days. Things are a bit too busy but I will try and do one with some of my favourites soonish I hope. :)

Yay N! The purple looks very pretty in the Alien bottle. I wish that more designers would create purple bottles or something with more color.
I love the colour too dear S! It is one of my favourite colours.

Hope you are well.
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