Tuesday, September 06, 2005

La Rentrée ...

in other words - the Great Annual French Return - (from their long holidays over summer to a new school term and working life). It is a very important time for parents with school going children as they clamour for new books, backpacks, computers, occasionally pens and pencils etc.. It is like a cultural ritual....

We are back from a wonderful holiday and even though I felt my share of post holiday blues yesterday, I cannot deny the excitement I feel because I simply love this time of the year in Paris. Things in general pick up just a bit of speed after those long summer days when most residents here take off and let the tourists invade. It feels like being back home after two months of wondering whether we will have an unbearable summer or not - then going away for a great few weeks. I went to my marche today and I was greeted warmly by all the shopkeepers (even the rather indifferent ones) - it felt good being back. The traffic jams are back to being horrendous, people just have a wild time honking at double parked delivery trucks, pedestrians, other cars, passing infants - whoever is in their way - it does not matter. Parking spaces that seemed abundant during the last couple of months are now worth sacrificing a first born for etc.

Anyways - Paris will be this way till next summer - so I will write more about local peculiarities soon...

On a personal note - the next weeks are packed with action - work mainly and life of course - so I will try to find time to write as much as I can.

The photo above may give you an idea of where we are back from or maybe not. ;)
It was taken in Nice (from our car) when we were heading to go to Cap Ferrat.

I also met a couple of friends earlier today and they felt happy being back - one was nostalgic about having grey skies in some parts of France. We were indeed lucky with the weather. However, with all the natural disaster and subsequent relief op tragedy in the southern states of the US - I frankly feel lucky to be safe and alive. My perfume allowance that I give to myself and much much more has been going towards this cause. I pray that people can rebuild their lives and I am particularly sad about New Orleans....

Bonne rentrée!!

Am I the first one to respond for once? :):)

Welcome back to Paris, Neela. It sounds like you had a wonderful vacation.

But, like everything else, all good things must come to an end, and for our household, that means back to school today, too. Parking was so horrendous around our son's elementary school, that I ended up parking about three blocks away. But it's all good: He was happy to arrive in his brand new classroom to meet his teacher. She seems delightful, so I am hoping he will have another great year.

So, here's to a great Fall. And may all of our prayers, and anything that we can spare, be used to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Darling R! Wow - you suffer these parking nightmares too? I am delighted that J has a great class and I hope that he will enjoy this year as much.

Here's to a great fall dearest friend!

Let us all do what we can to help the victims of hurricane Katrina and other less fortunate people.

I'm glad you had a wonderful time, N ... and glad you're back. xoxo
Darling M! Thank you for the warm welcome. Hope you are well.

Lovely photo, N! Welcome home, and I am so happy that you had a wonderful time. We are also in our own little version of La Rentrée, as my son starts school (finally) this Thursday. I am quite ready for fall :-)

Hope you will post more about your perfume creations!
I have given donations to the Red Cross and the SPCA in Houston. There are a lot of pets who lost their homes and their owners due to Katrina's devastation, so I wanted to include them. The Houston SPCA is providing them with shelter until they can be re-united with their families or adopted by new families.

Welcome back sweetheart!
Its so good to see again!

Oh dearest R - you are very good to think of all the poor animals too.


Lovely Laura - thank you and great to see you too.
I adore your blog.

Welcome back! I have also been trying to slip back into my routine of classes and life as a graduate student in general. I am glad that the you had a wonderful break! Lovely to see you back.

Oh, the photo is amazing, as always.
Thank you darling V! I thought of you today when I went to Palais Royal and Nina's.

Hope you are well.

Dear Robin (NST!) I missed your post!! I sent an email with my notes for No.1 and Moi Meme - but will write a proper post one of these days. Hope you got it.

Thank you for the good wishes and hope that H has a good return to school.

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