Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Oh my! Oh my Borneo!!!!!!!

Today was my perfume testing day of the week - on a very warm early fall day and I had such a fantastic time enjoying this afternoon with a dear friend.

We visited Palais Royal first and neither of us could not wait to try the much talked about Borneo 1834, which was launched on Monday. This was one perfume I had sort of decided that I may not like - thanks to the fact that there is patchouli in it. I was so wrong because I fell in love with it almost instantly - I did get a lot of chocolate and the dreaded but rather magically blended patchouli (which i dread in any dosage in most perfumes frankly) - then the perfume evolved into a warm and beautifully seductive drydown - almost ambery. I could not stop sniffing my wrist. It is very addictive and I would like to warm that you may love it too. It reminded me of Fumerie Turque just before the drydown.

Then we headed to the new boutique of The Different Company on rue Chabannais. I had received an invitation for the opening in July - which sadly got delayed due to works etc.. Had been busy since and they formally opened while I was in the south of France. Today was a perfect day to go there but I sadly forgot to take my camera - so will post pics next time I visit.
It is a very modern boutique in white. The boutique reflects the trendiness of their perfumes and the concept of the bottles. They have no new perfume to mark this opening but they have several accessories like special leather cases for the bottles etc. and also will have 50 ml refills (like the 48 hours) exclusively available at this flagship boutique. They have all the perfumes in all shapes and sizes. They have some of the candles in three of the perfumes. There is one section where you can smell their perfumes in large wine glasses.

Then we went to have some tea at Nina's and then went to Chanel where I re-tested Chanel 22 parfum (yes this time the kind SA found some for me to try!). I think I love it more each I time I try this.

However, I have been donating my perfume allowance for the next months and more - so I will not complain but will be going back to try Borneo again very soon. Chris Sheldrake is indeed a genius of a nose.

I am delighted that over this summer - Serge Lutens and Chris Sheldrake have proved their brilliance as magicians yet again by creating two hits in a row.....

I am so glad that you liked Borneo as well. I am completely enchanted by it, and the genius of Sheldrake/Lutens duo cannot be doubted.

Sounds like you had a perfect day! xoxo
Yes darling V! Your review made me want to test this but I was a bit scared of the patch. However, it is indeed enchanting and I love it.

It was a perfect day and I thought of you.

Ooh, chocolate and amber. What an entoxicating mix!

But this one's in the exclusive range, right? (Can't you tell that I have not been posting on MUA for a very long time? LOL!) So for now, I guess I'll have to settle for that a la nuit/cedre mix that superstar SA, Anthony, introduced us to the last time we visited Barneys. :):)

Wonderful review, my love. But it sounds like you need to find the funds to purchase that Chanel no. 22 parfum. Go for it!

Darling Robin!

Wow the mix that Anthony mentioned is one I tested recently - sort of by accident and it was delish!

I don't know if Borneo has any amber but the galbanum top note is great. I used that for my No. 1 - out of sheer frustration as I did not want to add bergamot. It does work rather well.

Hope you are well.

Dear N,
Now I´m posting :)
I received a wax sample of Bornéo 1834 a few days ago & I tried it already. A wax sample may not be too representative, my impressions were a bit mixed: I do like the mixture of sweetness & smoke, but there was something too masculine at the beginning. Later on, the drydown was simply gorgeous, very soft - I really liked it. So I don´t know if I feel the need to purchase it. But it surely is worth another try - how I envy you to have the possibility to go to the store & test "the real stuff" ;)
Dear C! Welcome and I am so happy that you could post. I think on a cold day you may love wearing Borneo. The masculine part somehow is very brief on me.
About being here to try all these perfumes - yes it is great but you can understand that I have to have willpower that is stronger than iron.

Hello N, so glad to see you back in action testing perfumes! Haven't tried Borneo yet but hopefully will soon. Would love to see the TDC shop!
Ooh, now I want to try it more than ever. Thanks for the report!
It sounds like something I'm going to have to try!
Dear Robin.

I think you may like this if you like Fumerie Turque. It is not an earthy patchouli on me.
The TDC store is still in its early stages but I think will hopefully do well. Their concept of refills is fantastic.

T dear - you will like it if not love it. It lasted for hours! :)
Hello Laura dear - yes please do test this. It is not a heavy headache inducing patchouli perfume.

Good to see you back to your wonderful, perfume smelling self, N!

Sounds like such a fantastic afternoon, with good scents, and good friends.

Be well.
Hello dear B! Great to see you too. Hope you are well.

It was great - you know what it is like!

i *knew* the No. 22 parfum would hook you! It is exquisite.

i've been plugging my ears whenever Borneo is mentioned on MUA - but you're getting through loud and clear. Grrr. WHY must he have this silly exclusive thing?

Glad you are back, sweetie :>)
Darling D! If I do get Borneo- you know I will send you some. Yes it is sad that they are too exclusive! :(

About Chanel 22 parfum - I have to wait to get this but I do understand why you love it so much.

Oh Borneo I want to try it now more than ever!
S dear! If I do buy a bottle I will send you a sample.

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