Thursday, September 15, 2005

Time flies any which way!

This week has been a very hectic one. There were a few things that had to be done. Firstly, I spent two days autumn cleaning - I do this twice a year with massive amounts of paper we seem to accumulate. Granted that I possibly am not the most methodical person around, I do try to shred credit card receipts once a month if I can. Anyways, before I bore you to death about such mundane matters - I just wanted to know whether I am the only person who detests filing with a passion? I absolutely HATE it. At least these days we do not get the junk mail we used to get in London. Luckily for us, we have someone (our Gardienne) sort all the junk and the sorted post is delivered to our door - thank heavens for that! I remember throwing out bags of letters stating "We are very interested in purchasing a property in this area and would appreciate if you could please contact us blah blah blah."

Anyways - rest of the week was quite glorious weather wise, work wise and company wise. We had friends visiting from various parts of the globe. Also, all my Parisian friends are now back from their holidays and are happily making plans for christmas! Oh dear! I cannot think of next week. They even go back to their "country" homes (the ones who have them) on the weekend. I asked a friend recently whether she had enjoyed the city during any weekend this year - actually with a teeny bit of sarcasm in my voice. She said just two weekends because they had some concerts to attend to on Saturdays. How do they get the energy to leave each weekend. I guess we do drive out every few weekends but I doubt I could cope with the peripherique (the nightmare ring road around Paris) each and every weekend!

How have all you been?

The first person to identify where the photo was taken will get samples of my two perfume creations - so guess away at your peril! ;)

Looks like some sort of cave-like place. Oh heavens, woman, I don't know!! LOL!

So happy that your week as been busy and that you are well, my love.

Darling Robin! I drafted an email to let you know that I am alive and my outlook is playing up!
Hope you are well too.

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PS: Cave like - yes! Not telling yet...

I am going to wildly guess here - is it at some location in the Paris Underground?

Bleh, I'm not any good at these things. I thought I'd give a whack, though.

The junk mail is nearly impossible to stop, I think. Everyday we get at least TWO credit card applications in the mail. It's crazy.
'Life in Paris' can't be all pot de creme and croissants! Still, I do feel sorry for you having to deal with all the paper - my least favorite task as well. Glad you are back to grace us :>)

The pic...catacombs?


Filing??? Ack, I hate filing. My papers are a mess. My son's preschool paintings from 3 years ago are still in a jumble under my desk...don't get me started!

The picture looks exactly like the waiting area before you get on the boats in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World. HA!

Oh, I know how unpleasant these tasks are! I keep putting away my share of filing, but I need to do it soon, because I just cannot find anything anymore. It is sad...

Lots of hugs!
I second the catacombs but R's right about it looking like the Pirates of the Carribbean ride.

I hate junk mail so much so that when they include prepaid envelopes I stuff the entire contents of it in that envelope and mail it back to them.
Dear Katie,

Sadly it is not a Paris underground. It is not an easy photo to identify.

About junk mail - do you systematically throw things into the bin?

Oh Debra dearest - life is not all creme and croissants etc. ;D
I am so glad to see that so many peole hate paperwork. It is a task I wish I could get someone else to take care of.

About the pic - it is so unfair of me! I will post a hint later.

Dear R! I am delighted to know that I am not the only enemy to filing paperwork! Hope you get to yours. If we do not file regularly enough it can be too overwhelming for me.

LOL - about the waiting area to Pirates..... I have not been to Disney World yet so it cannot be as I happened to take that rather poor quality pic. Nice try! I am keeping that for when I am 64. :D
Dear V! Please do gets to that nasty filing. We had to do this autumn clean because we could not find a very important document. That is about time for us.

Hope you are well.

Big hugs!
Dear S! Good tries! Think I need to give a hint very soon.

LOL - love your tactic of returning junk mail. You are very good and have lots of patience!

Oh no, N. I am so woefully un-systematic. I shred them all if they are credit card and loan applications of some sort (I've had my identity stolen three times now) to protect myself, but I end up making one big monster pile. I then forget to shred them as they come in, until the pile finally gets so tall that they topple over, and then I end up devoting a half hour or an hour to just sitting and shredding the contents. Weirdly, I enjoy shredding. I don't know why. It's kind of fun. Am I easily entertained, or what?
Hello K! Like you, I prefer to shred. I cannot say I enjoy shredding but I guess when the papers disappear in the shredder - I do feel like I have achieved something. ;)

Hello N--
I think it is somewhere at the Pailais Royale at night? Just a wild guess.

Hope all is well with you.

Hello Jen darling! Sadly not Palais Royal but I will give a hint - it is in the south of France.

Hope you are well too. Things are fine here.

Guessing contest is now closed.

This was taken at Villefranche sur Mer - it is called Rue Obscura
It is a vaulted passage just one block from the seafront and really takes you back to medieval times.

Hugs to all who tried! You have mail....
grhchknp ..
I got it right too ...
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