Sunday, September 25, 2005


N, Thank you for the lovely pictures, and the link..."Van Gogh's Letters" is a wonderful site and I have bookmarked it for later. It looks like a perfect place to spend an afternoon for those of us who can't make it to Auvers sur Oise in person.
Thanks R! It is a really charming town. The pics on the bottom row are from the Auberge where he lived and where he often dined. It is truly humbling to see what a tiny room VVG lived in during those last 70 days or so - which were also his most prolific days when he stored his paintings under his bed.
Thank you for wonderful photos, dear N! Oh, these places are so beautiful. I also bookmarked "Van Gogh's Letters". It looks like a fantastic site!

Hope that your day is wonderful!
Dear V - thank you! Glad you liked the photos. :)
Love the site too.
Hope you are having a great time today and that you really celebrate in style.

Just when I think how great it is to be in California, you have to post more photos...and, of course, they would trace the last steps of my favorite artist, Van Gogh.

You gotta stop torturing babe! LOL!

LOL! Me? Torture? Never!! ;D
I am delighted you are a fan of his wonderful paintings too.
This place was a great day out...
Hugs! :))
Stumbled across your blog through a network of other blogs. In a way, this proves the theory of how small a world it is, but my hometown is nowhere near enough my favorite city, Paris. I'm very jealous, and your blog is just lovely. Merci!
Welcome and thank you BC! :)
Dear N,
The pictures are really lovely! You always post something special that´s why I enjoy your blog very much :)
Thank you for the lovely photos & link - I have dipped into the letters and it is all so bittersweet.

Your blog is always a good place to visit :>)
Dear C! Thank you so much for you kind words. :)
Hope you are very well.
Dear D - yes aren't the letters lovely to read? The place has a very special charm that I cannot explain - especially the small room - has so much of history even though it stands almost bare.

Hope you are well too. :)
It has been forever since I have been able to post - with this new job I cannot surf while at work :( How I have missed your blog and your pics are wonderful. Van Gogh has a special place in my heart - thank you for sharing these wonderful shots with us. I appreciate that you share so much of Paris and your life with us - thank you!!
Dear F! Great to see you here. I know that you have been busy and hope that you are well.
I am glad you liked the pics.

Oh, I just love that garden/hedge/whatever you call it!
Just imagine the work it took to trim that.
Nice pics sweetie!
Dear Laura!

I love the hedge too - it was simply gorgeous in real life.

Hope you are well.

N -- ohhh, magic! xoxo
Glad to see you.
Hope all is well.

My first visit to your blog - stunning pics.

Welcome Richard and thank you for your kind words. :)
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